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Which profession is the most respected profession?
In my country, Medicine is the only profession that gives you a guarantee of getting a job after graduation. But in my opinion, I don't think what you studied determines the respect you get.
What matters is if you are really good at what you do. As long as you good at what you do. Whether you went to school or not. Certificate or No certificate.
Jobs will be seeking you and that means more money. Money comes with respect and every other thing.
I think any profession that has to do with medicine should be the most respected profession,doctors,pharmacist,lab scientist all should be the most respected professionals because they help save lives and without them many people won’t be alive today
In my place especially in Aceh Indonesia the profession most respected is the profession as a religious teacher, this is because Aceh people are so fanatical with religion that religious teachers are regarded as a noble person for people in Aceh.
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I respect the law profession,the profession is a very good and respected profession,majority of the world leaders where lawyers before they joined politics
People who work as teachers are highly respected and valued - at least by people in Indonesia. It is not easy to become a teacher in this country. Those who can become a teacher are the top 10 best graduates.

This profession is highly respected and appreciated by the people there. Although the salary is not too high, those who work as teachers really enjoy the job.
The answer would be teaching... To polish and be able to give some earned knowledge back that would help the students forever until they die is not an easy thing to do.. and also not a privilege everyone gets..
I think the most respected profession is the teacher. Master is a hero for everyone. the teacher who teaches many people to know the world. Master gives us light in life, so we know things and finally we can become successful. In my opinion, the teacher can occupy the most honorable position, after both parents. Many things and facts show that a teacher deserves the honor of everyone.