Is love enough to make a relationship successful?

No, absolutely no, love is not enough to make a relationship successful.

Love is a very misunderstood concept by many people today.

Love is very important in a relationship,intact it's what start any relationship but it's not love that keeps a relationship or make it successful.

One of the key component that makes a relationship successful is knowledge.

Knowledge is very important when it comes to relationship and when we talk about knowledge I mean it's important you know things about the opposite sex,it means you are supposed to study books that talks about relationship and marriage,it's important we prepare in this aspect before entering into a relationship.

Most people tend to ignore this aspect and then they Wonder why they are having issues in their relationship even though the love is there.

Most of the broken relationship and marriage we have today if you go close you will find out that they don't have loved problem but lack of understanding is what is causing most of their breakup.

I advised people that before you go into a relationship, have a solid foundation about relationships, about the opposite sex it's a key in having a very successful relationship or marriage.

Even the Bible spoke so much about marriage but let's just see the scripture

1 Peter 3:7 Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.



This is where people are mostly wrong, in my opinion some people actually call being love "in love" for a person to think that love is 100% enough and needed to build long lasting relationships is very erroneous and shallow and that idea is a concept that lacks futuristic ambitions.

People elope with their lovers when they're advised against a relationship that may hit rock bottom as a result of stumbling blocks like financial ineptitude, but they still find an eligible reason elope with the hope that the presence of love will make shield all life obstacles.

However this often ends in regrets, first and foremost, Money makes relationships successful and not love, love makes a relationship work out but only money and financial freedom makes it successful and worthwhile, without food, someone on empty stomach can't love, without jobs, dreams and aspirations two people will only end up like zombies eating themselves when they're left with nothing.

Infact when love is like a cargo you'll need a wheel to drive it to any destination you want, and those wheel will involve financial freedom, comfort, aspirations and futuristic ambitions.

Love is never enough, so many unwanted pregnancy happens as a result of the so called Love and the means to cater for this unplanned children is often not a available. People fail to look at the future when they claim to be in love and this ends up to always become their undoing.

Success is a long term achievements and love standing solely isn't, relationships fails when there are no means to maintain them and with all due respect love is an unseen feeling that is crippled to make things happened and will only die with time when it's not nurtured.

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Of course, this is a common question that produces different answers. Different people have a combination of different recipe of what make a successful relationship for them. Some will tell you that their combination for a successful relationship is


Another person might say,


My contribution to this question is of course, Yes, love can be enough for a successful relationship.

When love is  not dependent on these factors, passion, romance, being swept away with feelings, love at first sight, not forcing affection on someone, no codependency, not sacrificing at the detriment of your own wellbeing for the sake of someone else’s. Love not dependent on these factors will be successful.

Love can be enough for a successful relationship if the love for one another is real, mature, honest and healthy. A person that cannot love after this order cannot have a successful relationship based on love alone.

When you have a healthy, mature, honest and real love for each other, the both of you will be able to through the ups and downs,  the valleys and the peaks and the boring moments that comes with a relationship. With mutual love the both of you can work towards the same goal and share the same fundamental values.

When love is the basic foundation of a relationship, communication is vital to the success of the relationship. Couples that truly love each other establish understanding through communication. They try not to be extreme in communicating their differences.

In conclusion, love alone wouldn't fill in for physical intimacy, money and limitations. But it certainly can work the relationship through all of the above situations.

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**Love Lights up the fire but may not be enough to keep it burning.**

At the foundation of a love relationship is the perception of similarity/compliment between two different minds. No matter how aligned we perceived our minds to be on the surface, we are still different people.

We are different in our genetic makeups, our cultures, our backgrounds and upbringings and so on. Though love lit up our lives and it seems like nothing can go wrong. But with love comes the burden of expectations. Expectations are the root of problems in most troubled relationships.

Expectations of the other partner to always think like us, to know when and how to be there for us without even asking (since our minds are in sync, right?). This expectations and more lead to the feeling of frustration, disappointment, resentments and more negative feelings.

The solution is the acknowledgment and understanding of the fact that we are two different people that fall in love and share some common interests but not all. This understanding makes us subdue (if not immuned to) those thoughts and behaviours that trigger us into resentments and other destructive feelings.

When the going is good, every couple will seem like the best couple ever. But situations will always come that will want to trigger those bad thoughts and habits we have been hiding inside us. All of a sudden, the lovely couple become strangers and sometimes bitter enemies despite the love.

So we need a lot of emotional and mental resistant and capabilities to make a love relationships work out and last long. It is even better because working to make a love relationship better is us working to make ourselves better persons mentally and emotionally.

Love is never enough. The above mentioned qualities make you to be kind, gentle to your partner and not take rash decisions even in a negative emotional situations which are inevitable.


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Before Marriage and having their own family, then YES! But after having at least one child then a big NO!

When you are single, Love honestly is enough to make the relationship successful. Sure for some you might need some money to go into dates, but a majority of people have gone into successful dated without even spending a dime proving the possibility that one can be happy and content just by being next to each other.

Everything changes after marriage though, especially right after you have a child. It's not anymore your wants and your partner's wants that determine whether the relationship will go on. The child will now play a much bigger role in the relationship and raising a child requires lots of money.

So yeah I personally think if you both are single then Love is enough. After marriage or a kid then a big NO!!!


No, it's not. Compatibility is a must and there are many practical considerations as well as the overall social context in which the relationship exists. 

Two people can be very attracted to each other and grow to love each other but still have incompatible personalities. Relationships can be very complicated in and of themselves. Couples usually fight over money, sex and parenting. For a successful relationship, a couple should be on the same page regarding these things or at least be capable and willing to compromise. Love makes you want to compromise but the more there is to compromise the more taxing it becomes emotionally and the more likely it is for the love to diminish and to end altogether. There are many other things that may cause friction in a relationship such as physical, or above all, mental health issues one or both of the partners may have. 

Practical considerations against a relationship may include being forced to live separately because of work or studies. One often ignored obstacle to a normal relationship is an elderly couple unable to live on their own having to live in a care home. If the level of care required is different for each of the partners, then they may have to be placed in different homes or different units. This has happened to some relatives of mine.

The overall social context may include opposition to the relationship from the family of either of the partners or of both of them. They may belong to different ethnic groups, religious sects, social classes or castes for the members of which it is not culturally acceptable to be in relationships with a member of another group.


I have a bold answer to this, it's not really enough.

Although it holds a huge part in a good relationship, it still requires trust, loyalty, & courage. I have other virtues to add but I feel that these are the major ones.

I would like to think that "love" binds all virtues together to make up a good relationship.

Some would argue that without love, a relationship would be nothing. My point exactly is that every virtue is important and should coexist among each virtues.

Love alone won't suffice to maintain a relationship.


Love in a relationship is very necessary to be successful. but in addition to love the following qualities are also necessary:- 

Trustworthy: no relation can be strong if partner do not have trust on each other.

Maturity: your partner should be mature enough to stand with you in difficulties.

Openness: partners should be open to each other.

Honesty: without honesty no relation could be last longer. 

Respect: partner should have respect for each other.


Sometimes money makes a stronger more successful relationship than love.  Most business partners love money more than they love each other.  I would say that money  and determination can make a relationship even more successful than love.