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What has the internet changed about your life?

To be honest it really changed the whole scenario of the way that I thought about internet.

I literally believed that I can change my life with the Internet and have been doing my research for such a long time but unfortunately was not getting anywhere but yeah a year before I finally found Steemit and like before I just jumped in it and ever since it has been a history in my life.

So in terms of thinking of a new world exists like Steemit and Steem and all those things like  (post something of value and earn who really thought that it is possible) but yeah here we are having our most enjoyable life that we can possibly get just by sharing our thoughts.

I really have heard stories from people that Internet related platforms has really changed their lives and now someday I will be saying that in open that Internet and Steem Blockchain have really changed my life for real. 

It is in transition mode and will be in a pump real soon. So yes INTERNET has really changed my life a lot.


Here is a really good example for just one way the Internet has changed all of our lives.  Knowledge is so readily available now.  In the past you used to have to go to the "keepers of knowledge" to find information.  These keepers included teachers, librarians, etc.  Now the knowledge is everywhere and we all have access to it 24/7.  What we need now is "stewards of knowledge" to show us the best way to locate what we are looking for.

On to my example:

My wife and I were camping several years ago.  We had bought a new (to us) trailer and we were still learning the ins and outs of it.  Usually we do most of our cooking on the grill, but on this particular trip, it was much to cold and windy to be outside trying to grill our dinner.  We decided to use the oven in the camper to make dinner. 

One big problem:  I didn't know where to find the pilot light in the oven or how to get it started.  Luckily I had my smart phone and we had signal.  I was able to go on the Internet and find the manual for the model of oven that we had.  In less than 5 minutes I had the pilot light on the oven lit and we were getting ready to make our dinner.

The Internet is amazing, but there is also a lot of crap out there.  It is important to learn to sift through the garbage to find the gems!


Internet has changed my life a lot in daily basis. During my childhood when I had no internet I had so much time for myself but now I have been addicted to internet. Eventhough its useful in many ways it is also harmful if we use more. If my net pack gets over I feel like something is missing even when nobody message me or mail me.

This made me more lazy and got affected eye sight also. Connection with the real world has been reduced dramatically. Talking and spending time with family has been vanished we became connected with people who are far away and forget the person before us. Ignoring the person before us is such a bad thing that too just because we are always buy in playing games or see newsfeed. We must always give first preference to the person before you than someone in phone or internet. Though we have benefits with internet using more internet wil make you isolated with real world.

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So many aspects I likely won't think of them all during this answer. 

My ability to absorb knowledge is increased exponentially in terms of speed. 

Ability to communicate with others instantly.

Ability to monetize my life digitally.

I have access to an unimaginable amount of entertainment. 

The blockchain, which is probably the most significant wave of the internet happened in my life time, and that my friend, I think is pretty significant!