I just found this blog, I can ask how it works here, and how can I get support from you, do you have fairness for new players ...?
I just found this blog, I can ask how it works here, and how can I get support from you, do you have fairness for new players ...?

"this blog"; if your are talking about musing.io, this is no a blogging platform, this is more of a question and answer platform like stack exchage. Or if you are talking about steemit.com, then you are right about the blog.

Since you are a new comer for steemit, you will not get much attension (I'm an myself new here and I pretty much am invisible in the platform when compared to the trending guys). But, stay on track and keep working hard. The  concept of steemit is that you should add value to the platform, the value of your contribution is determined by other users based on their upvotes and upvote values (you can see how the platform works in steemit FAQ).

If you want support as a newcomer, check for the tags minnowsupport. Because you are virtually invisible untill you are a big player in the field, but to become a big player you need to be visible. (just like experience needed for job, need a job to get experience)


From the time I've been here, I can say that everyone has a fair chance. I didn't have told wait to become known before the votes started coming in.

Musing doesn't do favoritism or selective voting. So long as your answers meets the criteria, you will be upvoted.

I invited someone to the platform recently and he's already earning. He began earning from the very first day he's started he started answering questions.

You do not need any support from any member. Just do your best to answer the questions you feel you have knowledge about.

So, my dear, I look forward to seeing you participate more and get rewarded for your contribution.



I terms of the curation here I have noticed it seems pretty fair - if you give a well thought out answer to the question you often get an upvote for atleast 1%. If you go the extra mile you might get an upvote for 3%, 5% or even more.

The thing I find is that it is best not to answer questions that have been well curated and answered in depth, becuase as I see it that question has already been aswered, and I ask myself the question - will my answer provide any additional insight? If the answer is yes then I comment, and if not I will move on.

Stick to answering questions you have some knowledge on, keep the answers well defines, well written and not plagarised and you will be fine!


You can ask some questions here or you can answer questions. If your answers or questions are quality musing upvote you