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IS being a genius the same thing as being intelligent?
Not same.
Do you know if there is a fundamental difference between, smart or clever, smart, and genius? For some people, they will say that these three things make no difference because they essentially lead to a similar situation, which is above average.

However, there is also a do not know or grope, what is the real difference between smart, smart and genius? Well, for that here I will try to explain the differences about the three from my perspective because there are some perspectives that also reveal the difference smart, smart, and genius.
Smart, intelligent, and genius, are different words, and different meanings, but sometimes they are used for the same thing. "If he does not understand the difference between the three, then the phrase" He deserves to be chosen, he is a genius, "or" Well, he is elected, he is intelligent. "Will be interpreted the same.

is the mastery of the field he learns. A clever person needs a process in learning something. for example a child who is good at math. He will need a process to be able to understand his mathematics lessons for a certain period of time.
Knowledge that is known that makes him crowned as a smart person. Thus, everyone has the potential to be smart, provided that it is shaped in such a way.

is the ability to solve some problems without ever learning or being deemed to have never studied the problem. not all smart people can be spelled intelligent. and not all smart people can be spelled smart. For example, Beddu can suddenly make goats into cages faster than their shepherds, whereas Beddu is not a Goat herd, and has never studied them. The next day Beddu succeeded in solving the family's problems from accounts payable with the right solutions. At the same time, he also helped move the house with few people. Accumulation of the ability Beddu then he was crowned as a smart man.
Thus the word smart, not appropriate if addressed to a particular field of knowledge. Mistakenly says, Beddu smart Math, intelligent Religion, and others.
So, smart and intelligent differences in solving problems; smart people solve problems from knowledge of the learning process first. Then work based on the guidelines, what theory has been learned. While intelligent people solve problems without guidance, but purely innate as a trait. Where is the source of his knowledge? Many kinds of. That is the uniqueness of intelligent people.

The word genius is more dominant given to someone who has a certain field of knowledge, and is almost as smart. But Genius has a difference with the smart guy. Geniuses do not have to require a long process of understanding something like a smart person. Smart math, math genius, and so on. Then, the genius sometimes does something out of the ordinary, out of the ordinary, the extraordinary. That is why, geniuses are sometimes thought to be insane. For example, when Einstein said "the eternal is only energy". His statement was considered insane at the time, but ultimately proved. That's a genius. It was like my thought to create Traffic Light in the air, but instead I was laughed at by my friend. Nothing sich ,, his name is also thought. Hehehe
Then, how is the difference between a smart person and a genius? The settlement of intelligent people is never thought of by general thought, but is acceptable to audiences. While the results of geniuses can not be accepted in general, except in the future. That is why the hard work of geniuses is to prove that what people do not believe is wrong. The genius tries to get others to believe in his thinking.
So smart people more than smart people, because smart is easy to be formed. Because intelligence is the innate nature of a person's birth, then a great intelligent person is influenced by environmental genes and stimuli. People who live in families suffer, usually become intelligent people, because trained to solve problems. While the genius is is a rare and phenomenal thing. Not many get the predicate of genius.
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