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MOney or health,which is more important?

money is a valuable tool for every human being, because with money we can do everything. Then is money valuable compared to the health we have.

the importance of maintaining health

Health is the state of well-being of the body, soul and social that allows everyone to be more productive socially and economically. By safeguarding our health we have overcome and prevented any diseases that might enter from every part of our body. Physical and spiritual health are the needs of every human being, because with spiritual and physical health we can do every activity we want. Having a healthy body is a condition for every human being to do a good job that produces or completes any activity that can ultimately make money.

Then how, money or health is more valuable?

 Every human being needs money to get what he wants, but with the health we have can make money to have what we want. Money and health are one unit that we must make as the most valuable treasure that is packaged into one package. Where money and health are almost the same functions as prayers and endeavors that must be packaged into one unit. It is different from wealth and health, where wealth is a result of everything in abundance, but the wealth that we have will disappear in what time if we do not have health and are exposed to diseases that can be deadly so that the costs are not cheap enough.

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While I agree with all the other answers that health is the most important I think there is more to it than that

Both are equally important, simply at different times.

Money can provide comfort, it can provide care, housing, food, etc. All of this contributes to being in good health. So without money for the necessities health becomes more important.

Once your health is in jeopardy you tend to require money in order to fix it and bring it back in balance.

Health is often taken for granted. You don't attach significance to it until you don't have it (trust me I speak from experience here). 

Money can make you comfortable in your final days. And everyone will have final days regardless of how well you maintain your heatlh.

However you cannot have health without money(you require money to eat right, live well, etc). Money, you can have, whether you are healthy or not.

This is in someways like the Chicken vs Egg question.

Both are equally important, connected and the correct answer at different times.

Health is inevitable for anybody irrespective of age, status, sect, nation, gender and whatever, while Wealth is sufficient to the extent of one’s needs. Health is Life’s main element, while Wealth is an additional element to Life. Health is primary and Wealth is secondary. It is just like, Health is like a shelter. First you need to have a shelter to live. Only after then, you will try to decorate your shelter to look beautiful. This decoration is Wealth.

Health is a fundamental and key pre-requisite for our Life to Live. Health is like a car and the Life is like a journey in it. To start the car and move ahead the car must be in a good condition. Likewise, to start the Life and Live it to the fullest possibility, Health is inevitable. Otherwise, we can't have the Joyful journey of Life and 100% Living is not possible. When we say Health-it is both physical as well as mental Health. Without Health, do whatever, get whatever, acquire whatever, living to the highest Joy possible is not possible.

In a nutshell, Health is a unavoidable element in Life and so much important while Wealth helps in better Life.

Know you, we live in this mortal world only temporarily. If you are concerned about health, of course we also indirectly attach importance to money. The money we get from our hard work can buy temporary health.

With money we can also do good, like charity. However, in this world more people are concerned about money just for self-enjoyment. Know, when your process goes to death, the money that you pile up will not save us, and we will not take it to the afterlife there.

Maybe you are confused, it seems that in this article I am not concerned with health and do not attach financial importance. But in my opinion, in this world we must attach 55% to money and 45% to health. So you don't put too much importance on health, and also don't put money too, even though money is more important.

Sacrificing health is not wrong at all, like our parents who are slamming for our school money, our food, and all our other needs. This is part of our parents' love to make their family happy. Equality is needed in this world to achieve happiness in the world and in the afterlife.


living in this modern age, money is the most important thing in life, many say "Money is everything". in my opinion, Money is not everything but everything needs money.

if I am faced with money or health then I prefer health, because even though we have a lot of money if our health is not healthy then the money seems to be useless.


Health is more important. Money is just a tool. It’s a tool that you need for a lot of things. But not for everything, and it will never be everything in life.

You don’t agree? Try this (well, don’t, just let it sink in without trying it):

  • Take all the money you have in your pockets and in your wallet, and put it on the table.
  • Next, you take scissors, and put them next to the money on the table.
  • You take a chair and place in next to the table where the money and scissors are.
  • Now you take a plastic bag and a rope, and tie the plastic bag over your head, so that you cannot breath anymore.
  • Now  see what will be the first thing you need in your life. The money, or  air. And at this moment, the scissors are just a tool to get you that  air.


  • Don’t try this at home.
  • Don’t try this when you’re alone.
  • In fact, simply don’t try this at all.