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Do you have tips so I can write amazing content?
I am very difficult in finding the right time to write. Tell me, if you have these great tips.

I have had to answer this question a couple of times and a few times, I think I was also very concerned about the answer and I may also have asked this same question as well. Pen in the hand, Paper on our desk and ideas flowing through our minds, but bringing them to book/life seems to be the problem. i have faced this same problem a couple of times over and again. 

The truth is, if you want to learn how to write, want to get better at writing or want to write amazing contents, the best way to do so is to write. When I tell people this, it perhaps seems kind of confusing. I mean, you want to learn how to do something, shouldn't you be taught? 

The best way to become an amazing writer is to write less amazing contents consistently until you are well groomed to start writing amazing contents. 

  • Make it a habit to write something everyday(amazing or not).
  • Jot down interesting ideas as you go about your daily duties.
  • Add notes, frequently to those ideas generated as you get them. Most times, I have had to write a single post for one week. I get ideas, topic and perhaps the body and just write it down somewhere on my notepad, as more ideas come through, I add to it and in no time, a delicious content is formed.
  • Don't give up. No matter how skimpy or less amazing you think your content is, you must learn to never give up.

Cheers, to your success.


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Write from the heart. You can only share what you know and love most. Write about something that you know deeply about.

Study. Learn how to properly express your thoughts. It is not enough that you know what to write, you should also write it in a way that your target audience will stay glued to your writing.

Read so you can write. The best way to know different styles of writing is to go out there and explore. Find out how others write so you can find a style you can immitate. Soon, with constant practice, you will find your own way of sharing your ideas.

Find inspiration. It can be in so many forms. You can find inspiration in a song. Or in an overheard conversation in the train. Or in the quiet of the night.

Be open for criticism. You can only improve if you are aware of your shortcomings. Welcome comments and criticism. Try to see how you can level up your writing technique.

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Article Writing is very easier. But writing an quality article is an art. First, you have to decide what you're going to write about. You can't be written anything if the text is not specified. So first decide the subject of matter you are going to write.

How do you know about the topic you are going to write about? If you have better knowledge about it then fine. But if you don't have much idea? Yes, then you have to spend a little time researching that subject. With the main keyword of this topic, you can take a look at the 3-4 articles posted on the website with ranking. Get a better idea of ​​this. Whatever the article is, believe in yourself that you can write a good article. You will see it will give you a better result. But keep in mind that those article does not enter in your article. Your style of writing, some delivery style, and some sort of style of writing through the article try to be different and standard. If you try, one to two days maybe nothing will happen. But you will not believe, because of continuous trying, one day you will be able to write a very good article.

To get started well depends on many things. Many visitors will read the first two lines of your article trying to get the idea of ​​what's inside. At the starting, you can write about this topic and what your article is about for the desire of readers.

Article body, the most important part of the article is. But it's much easier to write! Take a closer look at the topic you are going to write to the body. Try to give a good idea to the readers, try to clear him in this matter. The more you can handle it, the more your article will be successful. The conclusion can come at the point where you can say what to learn in this article. Finishing the conclusion means that the article is complete and review once the article a few times if possible. Check if there is any wrong tool! Whether the information needs to be added a little more. Whether there is lucidity. There can be a lot of places to be worn out, and mistake in another place is like this. Thus, with the reviews, the article turns into an end!! And yes, whether to add an image to the article, keep this matter to mind, add fancy images.


1. Write only what you know and what interests you the most. If you're a freelance writer, it's understandable that you will have to write something you don't have prior familiarity with so research is the key.

2. Avoid unnecessary words that only serve as fillers instead of content. People want short answers online. They don't want to read a lot if they can get the answers within a few sentences. 

3. Say something practical. People want content that they find interesting and useful. Focus on content or words that enable the reader to imagine real life scenarios where they can can your content. 

4. Write content for the sake of it being useful or entertaining to the audience.The adjective amazing will follow if you accomplished the first sentence. 

5. Compare your output from the leading competitors in your niche and see the difference in quality. If you can't find anything, ask a friend. If you still can't find the reason why you're not being noticed, consider the flaw lies in how you market your blogs or self. 

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First: ask greater specificity in your questions.

The question is kind of vague and open-ended. And the “right time to write” but seems disconnected from the main question, thus generating confusion.

As has been said by many in the personal development field, “the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions.” This could equally pertain to the quality of your WRITING.

Consider before writing anything:

What specifically are you intending to communicate through your writing?

How might you refine the focus to communicate it more powerfully in fewer words?

What is the key/core VALUE to be delivered to readers?

And upon writing a first draft, how could it be edited to be even more concise?

There could be entire courses extracted as full answers to your question, though these are the few points that first come to mind... ;-)


Write what makes you feel, from discomfort, joy or sadness, it does not matter, writing is a way of art and as an expressive medium you should feel when you write it and make the reader feel it.

Another thing that could help you is to read, see how other people express themselves to know how you can express yourself.

Each person has preference in what they read, you can show your work to other people and see what constructive criticism they have for you, the opinion of your reader matters

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I personally believe that the only way to produce an amazing content is to write something that you are passionate about.

If you write something that doesn't align with your expertise & to the things that truly passionate about then it won't result to its full potential.

A piece of advise, don't try to emulate a successful person's work instead take it as an inspiration. Be original on your content and keep a consistent topic and master it through time.


First of all Pardon me I am not a good writer but still I would like to say few words. It may helps you. To write amazing contents all you need to do a lot of practice. Before practicing you should make a habit to read a lot. The more you read the more you get. The more you get the more thinking food will be available for your brain. Keep expressive. Don't stop writing. Spend an hour for writing whatever you like. Don't afraid if you can't write quality content. No one is creative writer from mom's womb. People learn the art. Remember skill can be enhanced from learning. The best way of learning is doing a lot of practice with full involvement. It will definitely help you


Everyone has a dream to become a successful writer.

The author must have an interesting topic, which is passionate in the community so that it becomes a solution with the work of the writer.

The author must choose the right topic, for example about life, economy or music and so on, so that what is in the mind of the author still exists.

Good luck, have a nice day.


Write from the heart😍