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How much influence family support for your life?

100%. I am a very familiar person and normally share successes and failures with my loved ones. I talk to them, I ask them my doubts, my feelings. They listen to me, they advise me, even if it is to keep silent, they do it, because above all they respect me. Normally we sit down at lunch or dinner to find out how our day has gone. We usually consult some financial, loving and even intellectual decisions.  The fact that in my life I need the support of my family does not mean that I do not have an individual life and that everything revolves around them. No. I am a solid structure, but one of the pillars that sustain me is my family. I decide what steps to take and when, but I am certain that my family will be by my side supporting me, either to applaud my triumphs or to help me lift myself up if I fail. That's what family is for: to be by your side when you need it!


There is so much influence from your family.  Not all influences from your family are positive depending on the family support.

I would say that my family and the support from my family has had a major impact on my life.  I grew up in a traditional family; mom, dad, and three siblings.  All of them have had some impact on my life due to the support they have given me throughout my life.  The support from my family continues to impact my life in a positive way.  All of my family members are successful people who have experienced different situations in their life and those situation have helped to influence me as well.  Knowing my family is there no matter what choices I have made or what avenues I wish to pursue, help me to know that I have people supporting me. 

The family support from my extended family also has played a major role in my success in life.  Their impact on my life is a huge testament to who I am and what I have become.   The unconditional support from my family is important to me, even as an adult.  I didn't realize how important family was until I was older.  

Family support is such an important aspect of being a great human being.  It doesn't have to be traditional family who is supporting you but people whom you feel are family.  Without support, I am not sure what connection people would have with others.


How much influence does family support have on your life?

Life is a struggle, which we must achieve. Every human being born into this world from a baby grows into an adult has their own life goals.

after adults want to have a life partner that suits their wishes and the best. in the hope that in the future they can accompany the ark to live in joy and sorrow.

in my life, family support was very meaningful and very large, they motivated me to work, because my goal was to make them happy to live with me.

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Very big, especially when determining my success at work. To be honest, no family supported me when I decided to go into the Freelance world, and was active in the Steem network. I almost gave up because nobody supported me, but in the end I could prove it.