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What will be your reaction if you woke up in the money and saw 1btc in your wallet ?

That is a tough question because quite honestly for some people 1 BTC isn't a ton of money.  I know for some people it is, but for other people it might not be as much.  Especially with the prices where they are right now.

I am not a big fan of BTC in the first place, so the first thing I would probably do is convert it to something else.  

Let's assume the price of BTC stays at 6400 for the time being.

I would probably take about half of it and move it into STEEM.  I would then immediately power up that STEEM.  That probably seems like a lame answer that most people will give, but when you think about the passive income you earn from your Steemit account, it only makes sense to put as much into your SP as you can.

I would cash out 2000 of the remaining 3200 and I would use that to pay down some of my bills.  It really wouldn't put much of a debt in either of the loans I have, but oh well.  Finally, I would probably leave the last $1000 in BTC or chance it over to EOS or LTC.  Something that is more easily liquid.  BTC is just a little to slow and expensive for my liking, but I can see the benefit of holding a little bit of it.

Like I said, 1 BTC just doesn't go as far in some places as it does in others.


I will jump of from wherever I am and my eyes would kind of popped out. By telling it I am kind of thinking that moment.

While if it comes to my wallet than first would look who or how it appeared in my wallet as I really do not want to be middle of Something bad. (criminal activities lol)

After that I bet the user who sent me would either be tensed or excited and would try to contact me in any way possible. If I get to make that contact honestly I would give it back but if it does not happen I would keep it in my wallet for few days and later I would go buy Steem with most of it and at the end I would power up with it and start to use it thinking of someone of great kindness just gave me a precious gift. 

I will be eternally grateful to that person.

While thanks to you as well, for making me feel like I own 1 BTC.


My first thought would be, who sent 1 BTC to me. Was it a mistake or do I have a guardian angel that has just be waiting to bless me...

My mission will be finding out the reason I why there is 1BTC in my account. This knowledge will tell me what I should do next, because the is a good chance the currency was mistakenly sent and it will not be right on my part to path with someone's coin, celebrating, reinvesting or spending..

But if 1BTC was gifted to me, I will convert it to steem and power-it-all-up. This is simply because there are lots of avenue to make more steem by powering up then holding any other crypto-coin or fiat.

1BTC in my wallet will drive me back to powering up in my steem wallet.


wow .. the question that made me fantasize far.

and if this happens, something big has happened to me. 1btc is a lot of money for me to get just awake from a dream. I will be shocked for a moment and will hit my face to prove this is real or dream.

really I would not believe this before my face hurt because of the real blow of my hand. if it is real 1btc in my wallet, all the people at home I will tell and shout happy to call them.

this is a big surprise that is unimaginably coming after waking up. like getting a falling month. really a great gift from a dream that came true.

is this possible? if it's true I will sleep and dream that when I wake up my wallet increases 1btc again.