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Theres been a slight change in musing.io curating style answers are been curated more than questions what do you think could've caused this? And why ?

Just have a look at the questions coming out, They are not even formed correctly in most cases.

For general reading from others who may also want to know an answer to something, The questions coming out are mostly spam. 

As an example, What is your favourite colour, To the masses why are those people going to care what someone else favourite colour is?

To someone passing by going to read about what someone's favourite colour is, I don't think that will happen, Who cares what some anonymous person colour is. It holds no relevance. 

Putting what in front of something to turn it to a question. A question the author will never come back and read.

Questions like.

What is your sisters name and do you like your sisters name?

 How many beans is there in a can of beans? If you want to know how many beans, open a tin and cunt them.

People asking silly questions just to ask something. Asking anything about anything with any interest in the answer.

There should be more to a question than, Who what why when where How or IF at the start and a ? mark at the end.


Probably because people just create questions that arent very thoughtful or have been asked over and over again! So many people here will be chasing the new delegation in the hope of an upvote and just ask any old question without checking if there is an answer or similar question already been asked! I notice that some people just 'mass question' on here- often asking alot of questions - I wonder do they even care what the answers are?

I only ask questions here if I have something I am actually interested in hearning peoples opinions about.

The answers to the questions are where the real value in this platform is going to lie, and so I think it is best place most of the rewards to the people whp provide well thought out answers that actually answer peoples questions.


Interesting question.

I was about to ask, but you did and i thank you for that.

well, asking a question is not difficult, 

you can ask as many question as you want, i could be like ( how are you? have you done your dinner/breakfast)  So i think due to this type of question being asked by the people, the purpose of making the musing was going too far and then team 

may have decided to change the curation. 

On the other side answering the the question is not easy at all,

Sometime you can answer straight away, but sometime to get better idea about the question you need to do research.

and it takes time, the better you research will be, the better you could answer the question, 

To reward this hard ship, They have changed their curation procedure,

But in the end, it just my thinking, and i don't know the rest.

Only the team member from @musing can answer this question better.


The curators knows best but in my opinion. I will start by giving an instance. When a student asked a teacher a question, the teacher takes his time to answer the question in the simpliest form, so the student will understand better.

We asked question cos we don't have the answers or need and advice, people take their time to think around the question to give back sensitive response which will add value to the person who ask, by doing this knowledge has been transferred from one person to another.

One question is asked *What is Life?* The question  will be answered by different people giving their definition of Life and you get different knowledge of life at the end of the day.

The curators upvotes answers more because they passes knowledge. 

Curators- School management

Teachers- Those who answers questions

Student- Those who ask questions.

The school management will always reward the Teachers for giving out knowledge

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Nice Question!

Do you believe that hard work and lots of efforts give you more reward than fewer efforts? If you don't think so, then you must know that writing a long answer to the particular question is demanding hard efforts, time, and knowledge. 

In my opinion, asking questions is pretty much easier task than writing a detailed answer. Musing doing well that they prefer to give rewards to long, detailed answers with excellent grammar skills and knowledge. They also upvotes those answers which add some value to the platform. They curate questions which are thought-provoking and engaging more and more people. 

You can read the official guideline on this platform for more understanding the entire system that how it works. I''m standing with Musing Team who are working hard. I just love to answers more to such amazing questions because of their curating system. 

Have a good Day!


Answers have always been curated more than questions because it usually takes more time to craft a decent, non plagiarized answer than coming up with a question.

There's a document around that explains all the guidelines musing cursors use but I don't seem to find it right now.