Why I need to vote for a witness on steemit? What is my benefits?

You have a two-part question, and I will attempt to answer them in a simultaneous fashion.

The Idea(l):

Witnesses sign blocks and keep the blockchain going. In essence, they are the reasons why the network functions for you and me. They are also the entities that keep this cryptoverse secure. Plus, the top Witnesses are the ones that could approve changes to the network's protocols.

In turn, the blockchain compensates them with Steem Power. The amount they receive bases itself on their rankings. The size of your stake determines the size of your vote for your favorite Witnesses. 

In Addition:

Due to the nature of our dPoS (delegated proof of stake) system, Witnesses also take up a political role. The social element on the blockchain intensifies that role. Many Witnesses run projects, which you could support regardless of the size of your stake. 

Even if you are a tiny plankton, your display of appreciation could be valuable as well. This may help keeping your favorite projects running.

The Cynical Reality:

If you think your vote matters for a minute, take a moment and look at this link: 


Your vote goes to determine who gets decent compensations for being block producers. It would also decide whether the blockchain evolves or stagnates.

Unless you have significant stake, you would not benefit beyond accessing the blockchain.

Besides, not like everyone votes anyways. It is almost like real life when you think about it.


Witnesses are people who play a great role in the healthy functioning Of The blockchain.

I will advise that everyone steemian should make it a must to vote for a steemit withness, People with good works ought to be rewarded so it will be a good thing for us to vote for that witness whose good works has affected us positively.

When one vote for a witness you encourage more witness to top up their game and to offer as much help that they can to the steemit blockchain


witness are the leaders on the platform.

The STEEM blockchain uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) system to figure out who gets to add new data as a block producer. Witnesses run software on servers which validate transactions and add them to the blockchain. Every time you vote, post, comment, make a change to your account, or anything else which touches the blockchain, the code a witness runs on a server somewhere is adding that information so everyone can see it. Witnesses get rewarded with Steem Power for doing this job to secure the network, much like bitcoin miners are rewarded with new Bitcoin. From my blog [here](https://steemit.com/witness-category/@dhavey/meet-our-steemit-witness-episode-5)


Well, the advantage is: we can still have a normal and stable network. If we are all just arrogant, selfish, then the blockchain network will not survive. Therefore, there needs to be consensus, and voting for support to people who have greater resources.


You have kept a lot of important questions in our midst. Of course, it is very important that you want to know why we voted for the WITNESS on our steemit platform and I have the advantage.

In fact, if you think that you will win if you vote for WITNESS, then this is your misconception because the reason for this is because it's the button. If they were not there you would not have been able to work on such a platform at any given time because if there is no friendship, this platform Completely stagnant

So you have the responsibility to give your important 30 votes to comply with your rules, to give it some vitality. Because you have the power to vote 30, you can give 30 votes to 30 people, but you can give it to rain, but you will not lose it.

Let's say a little example as if you went to work in an office. Now if you go straight to the work place, you can never work. You can not work before you go to work. You need to know if you go to work without knowing it, but you can not work, so just on this site a Jan. 30 vote Witness to this is of course important to you.

You will not get some benefits in it. I do not know what others think of me