Do you love to observe people's behavior, if yes - why?

In a social perspective, we as humans need to understand behavior or personality so that we are adaptable and social. Of course everyone must have a personality, and people's personalities must vary according to the character that someone has.

The right question should be "should we observe a person's behavior". But I appreciate your question. That's an interesting question and really needs to be answered.

We must know, what is this personality actually?

Personality is an element contained in a person. This personality reflects how someone acts and behaves, and thinks. And personality can also be interpreted as a dynamic organization of psychophysical systems in someone who also determines the ways that are unique or distinctive in adjusting to their environment.

I am among those who like to observe a person's behavior such as friends, family or people I just met. I observe someone's behavior not to look for someone's weaknesses or someone's mistakes. I only observe the character and personality so that I can easily adapt and make friends with them. So for me, observing someone's behavior is very important because they can know what other people like and don't like.

So it is very easy for us to maintain the feelings of others (anyone).

As social beings, we must know that a person's personality can not be separated from the elements inherent in the personality, including:

1). Dynamic organization. Where everyone's personality can change at any time.

2). There is in the individual. Where each personality represents one individual, which is inherent in the individual himself.

3). Personality is a psychological system. This means that personality is a symptom of psychological aspects that are difficult to observe in a straightforward manner. Because the personality involves mental and emotional elements found in the individual's soul.

4). Is unique. This means that each person represents one individual. So that it is impossible for some individuals to have exactly the same personality.

5). Personality is also a manifestation of one's self-organization.

Based on the description above, it can be concluded that personality is a system of oneself in an individual, as a manifestation of organizing in him, which is a dynamic system following a person's mental state, and is unique or distinctive.

Thus, it is important for us to observe and know the behavior and personality of a person, so that they can easily interact and adapt and establish social relationships with each other without anyone being hurt.


To be honest I am kind of an introvert person and over the years this is something (observing) has kind of become a skill to me. Apart from the fact I do like be with my friends and loved ones but outside of my comfort zone I am not really familiar or comfortable with unknown people but yeah I am improving everyday and getting a hold of myself as we speak.

While observing someone and getting to know what that person is doing or thinking or the behavior does really tells out many things before you even get to know that person closely. Like if he/she is friendly how he treats others and how nice/bad a person he/she is. This small things does really brings out a lot of details about that specific person.

While this is something that everyone should do (observing) as it will allow you to give a clear idea of the person in front of you (if not full but you will get close). 

While if you really want to come close to someone than getting to know that person in front of you could be right way and that could be done by giving your time and observing. 

So yeah observing is indeed something needed in our life.


Yes I definitely like to observe people's behaviour this is because the observation and studying of human behaviour is even studied in universities and colleges that's to show you how important it is, for example when you study people's behaviour you may found a pattern which may lead you to exactly discover when they are depressed, happy or even sad another thing is that people like to be understood they want people who would exactly feel what they are feeling people love it when you put yourself in their shoes and exactly relate to them according to their psychological needs so when you study people's behaviour you have a chance to know them further beyond what they say or give out my point is that there are some part of people that they do not like to relate to others but when you study people's behaviour you will find out this weaknesses or strength as a result of these you can discover how to relate with them.

I believe in relativity I believe in being able to understand people even when they don't talk all reveal too much information about their problems , studying of people behaviour will give you an edge to be able to know or cope with their mental ability, some people are prone to violence naturally because it is in their gene now when you study the behaviour of such people then you will be able to understand how to relate with them and the things that make them happy and also what makes them annoyed , because that understanding is needed in the society order to live peacefully with people so when you study people's behaviour gives you the ability to develop tolerance.

Another reason why I study people's behaviour it's because people usually create a persona that is usually fake under the result of this it will be difficult to find out the people under the mask that they created, so when this is so it will be difficult for you to read them or know whether they are your friends or not so people are deceiving , actions and behaviours can be manipulated and people can make you believe what they want you to believe but a deeper study of the human behaviour makes it difficult for people to be able to deceive you with their persona so this is the reason why I like studying people


The easiest way to know any human is by observation. Most people don't live by what they say. A man can easily deny his/her words but such man can hardly deny his/her actions because such action is there for everyone to see. But we can't see people's true actions if we don't observe their behaviour.

You know a lot about a man when you observe him/her without him/her knowing that you're observing. we all put up our best behaviour when we know that everyone is watching us and bring out our real selves when it seems that no one is watching. This is the best time to know who someone truly is.

Observing someone will help you in choosing your friends wisely and also help you when dealing with people. So it's very necessary that we do this often


YES. I love to observe people's behaviour. Understanding people is one of the major factors in communicating effectively. I love observing people so as to be able to communicate effectively with them.

To be able to communicate with people, you need to understand them, their behaviour and character so as to know how to relate with them. 

You can't relate with everybody the same way, you can't deal with everybody the same way. You will need to understand each person individually, to be able to have a great relationship with them.


Yes, I do.

I live in India. Love to travel. I get to observe people while travelling in train. In India, train journey is amazing, you get to meet people from difference place, different languages, culture, behavior, food habit etc. The list is endless.


While observing people's behavior, you tend to learn from them. You will also understand about the people around you. I would consider that as gaining experience by just observing and interacting with others. Surprisingly, you will also notice how things change faster, how life has changed in past 5 years etc. 

Recently, I have been observing that(based on train journeys), many people are deeply engrossed with their mobile phones. Number of people reading books, newspaper have reduced. Even the elderly people are busy watching videos on youtube, checking facebook(just keep scrolling - endless scrolling :P ). Youngsters plugged their headphones listening to music, watching movies etc. Kids watching their favorite rhymes(for may be 100th time) on youtube.


In the past, may be 10 years back, many people were reading newspapers, books. Gossip about politics, social issues, local problems. Few enjoying nature, writing their journals/diaries etc. People become friends quickly, interact warmly and bid adieu when journey completes. 


All these have reduced in recent times due to mobile, low-cost internet availability, improved telecom networks. This is how I feel India has changed in recent times by observing people around me.


Yes! I love to observe people's behaviour because in life, you don't just conclude you know someone or you are his/her friend without getting to observe the person's behavior. We all need to be careful with the way we associate with people we barely know. It is always very advisable to observe one's behavior before relating well with the person. You never can tell the attitude one can display the next minute.


Yes i do like to observe people's behaviour simply because you cannot understand the people around you without a proper study of their behaviour. If you must understand and relate with those around you, a study of their behaviour is a must. Especially in the case of those you want to get close to or even making friends with. A study of their behaviour is essential.

It is from a study of one's behaviour that i can determine if we will really hit it off as buddies or not. First encounters with people always prompts this behavioral study of people and this study and the conclusion i draw from it will determine my relationship with that person.

Just like they say "Show me your friends and i will tell you who you are," the people i am close with have a very similar behaviour to mine. That is the one thing that brought us together in the first place and that is how important studying one's behaviour is.

Hope this helps..


 On parties yes, then i love to observe people's behavior, then it's like im watching the theater. And when im talking with someone, then i focus on everything and behavior is part of that. 

But on those moments im not doing that to entertain myself, and more to figure out with whom im talking with, or what the true intentions are of that person who im talking with. 

So when im somewhere drinking and relaxing with my woman, then i watch people behavior because my woman and kids are walking around to. If i see one stupid drunk guy make one wrong move into my direction, then i react before he can know it. 

That is because of a agreement me and my woman made, she can drink and dance and have fun with the family, while i keep a eye on her and the kids, who are walking around to.

That saying, i mostly go to Cambodian parties, where people drink lot and with lot of food, and much woman dancing with each other, that style is not my thing and there for i sit on the side line with food and good company!

So i observe people for the fun, but also to figure out with who im talking with, but also to search for the true beauty of people, what can only be seen if you observe them!