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Does musing allow 'plagiarism' to answer a question?
I am seeing different answers in musing and it seems it is just copy-paste of some web answer/ FAQ section. Is it ok to do that on musing or not? If not what should I do if I found this type of answers?

No. Musing.io does not allow plagiarism, in the platform and it's not OK to plagiarize content here. These are clearly stated in their curation guidelines. If you suspect an answer of plagiarism, the best way to go about it is to report it to the "Abuse" Channel in Musing.io's official Discord. 

According to their Discord, you can use this format to report any abuse:

  1. @User
  2. Offense Type
  3. Age of offense
  4. Link to offense
  5. Source of original content

Also, keep in mind that Musing.io makes use of a manual curation system. That means that every answer and question here is read by real people. That also means that as community members, we will all be better off if we also help out the platform's curators by pointing out plagiarized content and users that plagiarize often.

Here is the Official Invite to Musing.io's Discord: https://discord.gg/uFCPMRe

You could also read up on Musing.io's Curation Guidelines here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WKYGhdPhLKNHytsxAPPQiXyv5UBY6nUKM8IhG5PUgfA/edit?usp=sharing

Hope this helps.


Musing greatly frowns at copying other people's work or responses from the web. People doing such have not been discovered yet by musing that's why they're still going on at it. Musing encourages originality and doesn't even allow one to post a response from anywhere else that is not originally theirs and back it up with a link to the original post.

Plagiarism is 100% discouraged by musing and anyone caught is flagged without any warning by the musing team.


Musing doesn't allow for plagiarism as it would harm their reputation. If you see it you need to highlight it to their discord channel under abuse.

The users that use this method of copying others work will be warned and then ignored. They will realize that it doesn't benefit anyone and they are wasting their time. Using your own words to answer questions is what makes the answers real and personal.


This is the question I am waiting for the most, because questions like this have been asked by many people in real life.

I will answer it, knowing that musing is the first and most sophisticated Q & A platform built on the blockchain system and all questions are something that comes to mind in a human.

Logically, everyone will try to provide answers that are understood and not from articles that have been written by others. The possibility of being similar is very likely, but that is not plagiarism.

For example, I ask

** "Who is your childhood friend?" **

Of course you will answer, with your language and your experience, it is impossible that it is a copy of someone else's article.

I think that's enough to make you satisfied. Hopefully my answer can help you.



I think it's not, and absolutely not. For me musing is the first stem blockchain that based on question and answer, and by that it's mean you didn't write something whether is question or answer that can contain plagiarism to anyone. But for some reason it could be happens or it could be not. Let's take a case.

For an original question like

Are cat lover or dog?

How you relationship going?

Can we achieve what we have been dream?

Those question are not having the same answer, the answer is variously, based on every people's lives, someway you can find an identical answer, but not same. Still they having a different.

And the second case is basically the question that contain something like it's requires information. For an example, someone questioning about crypto currency based thing, what they can do and what they didn't, this question usually have an answer that is based by fact, like a rule or some kind of. So it's not based on someone private answer. But based on something other that didn't have various answer.