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Oh! What a good question

Firstly, talking about steemhunt i would actually first tell you that we are talking about the blockckchain decentralized system.  Many application has been introduced on the blockchain in order to innovate the crypto world. 

So as for your question, Steemhunt is a decentralized application known as DApp, though i cannot call it a new application because it has been in existence for quite a long time on the steemit platform. 

It is a steemit blockchain program that also known has product hunt and the use of this platform is to be able to allow users to curate new and cool product and has many benefit to the users and all steemit users in the sense that it rewards every valid hunt which is that the product hunt must be approved before been rewarded.

Steemhunt is not just an ordinary platform because it create awareness for people to view and have knowledge of a new product for future use and purpose.

Steemhunt is also a platform that has a regular rule for all user which include:

1. Users must not post a hunt that has already been hunted by other users.

2. User must give a correct and reliable description of product hunted in order for other users to get it use and purpose.

3. You can only use the steemhunt only if you are steemit user in order to be able to get rewarded.

4. A clear picture of  product must be posted in order for other users to get your product..

and many more......

Thanks for reading!!!