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What is the difference and similarity between love and sex?
I have come across several people that use love and sex interchangeably. Even most of our musicians do the same thing in their lyrics and this has made so many people believe that love and sex have the same meaning. There are also several instances where I have seen people in relationship telling their partner to prove their love for them by having sex with them. And should the partner refuse because he/she isn't yet ready for sex in the relationship, he/she will be made to believe that he/she doesn't love his/her partner. So I just want to know what differentiates love from sex and can the two be used interchangeably?

Of course, as long as you don't let your lust exceed the love itself, because if that happens then just wait for your relationship to end faster.

Here are ways to determine whether you have sex because of love or just based on lust:

1. Sex because love can make you cry because there is so much passion between you and your partner. Sex because lust can also make you cry because there is a fear that you will never be able to meet him again after sex ends.

2. When sex is based solely on lust, there will be anxiety and hope that the couple does not fertilize your egg. Sex with love will not think about it, because he will continue to let the couple do anything without any worry.

3. After making love, what you want to do next is to hug, of course if it is based on love. Unlike sex that is only with lust, after it is finished, he can leave without telling.

4. Sex because love makes you become yourself. Sex because lust makes you pretend to keep trying to satisfy others and forget your own needs.

5. Sex because lust only thinks of that moment, momentary happiness is sought. Sex because of love makes you want to plan a wedding after doing it.

6. Even if you do not have a happy ending, love based on sex makes you feel satisfied because it is connected to inner intimacy in humans. Sex that is not based on mere love or lust, makes it difficult for you to get satisfaction.

7. Sex only with lust can make you do it anywhere, even unexpected places without planning. Sex because of love, usually when you first do it, will be very special, and not infrequently on a bed that is decorated in such a way.

8. Having sex because love is hard to forget even though it has ended up with a new partner, you will always compare it. Unlike sex because of lust, you will be more open to looking for a new partner that is more satisfying.

9. Sex is done because of lust, not allowing him to be your partner in the future but continue to want to be with you. Love based sex is never excessive and always comes at the right time, also ready to wait until the happy day arrives.

10. Sex because love can inspire your days. While sex because of lust, can occur when the liver is cracked or brittle

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What is the difference between love and sex? Or are they both playing an important role in human lust relations? Sexual arousal sometimes arises when we feel the chemistry with our partners which eventually happens to have sex. However, that doesn't always happen when we only talk about sex. Sex is sex, as limited as body and lust. Here are five differences between sex and love:

1. Understanding each other.

Falling in love makes you understand who your partner is and feels a strange vibration every time with him. The vibration doesn't always end with sex, but once in a while just touching your hand makes you excited. When small touches successfully melt your heart, it's just called love. Conversely, sex is only based on lust and always ends in emptiness. After making love, you may not feel a special vibration.

2. Friends with benefits

Friends with benefits is a friendship model that is trending everywhere. Relationships like this usually only create platonic love, which is only based on lust. Love involves emotions and feelings. When you just want to enjoy a moment of pleasure, it's not the love of his name but you just want to enjoy your partner's body without any love. If you are dating without love, then you just want to satisfy your passion for your partner.

3. Emotions and actions

Love always includes emotions, while sex is just an action. Sexual satisfaction can be achieved, if you feel the chemistry of your partner. If not, it's not love, but lust. if you put your passion ahead of your love, then you are not really in love with your partner but you just want to enjoy your partner's body.

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In my opinion, the two can be used as separate and as one. Separate in the sense that people can choose to engage in the act of sex, without loving each other. i am quite sure it happens a lot , hence the term "One night stand", yet Sex is also an act of love, and in this instance, i'd prefer to call it making love, as the term sex alone, to me, makes it feel same as the explanation i gave earlier, which doesnt necessarily involve love. 

Also in as much as sex is used as an expression of love, i do not believe that in order to prove ones love for the other, they must have sex. i know of a few couples that loved each other dearly and chose to not engage in sex until after they have said their vows to each other. 

i strongly believe that sex is not a way to prove but rather a way to express intimate love.  If someone  says they need to have sex for love to be proven then to me , that is not love, or rather should i say, mistake for love, misinterpreted love.  It more like falling in love with ones body and what it can do and how it can satisfy you, which is just one aspect of intimate love. i believe one has to fall in love with the person for who and what  they are (not physically), and then the physical  aspect of it to follow. Although i do agree that sex (love making) can be a great seal to a great love, sex should be the cherry on the cake and not the cake, that's why in Christianity, sex is sacred and should be regarded that way.

Just my 2 cents.

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