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Why do some adults see parenting as a burden?
I have come across several parents that are not happy with being a parent. They flare up at any little thing that their child does and makes it look like the child is preventing them from enjoying their lives. I find this very absurd because the child never begged such parents to bring them into this world. Also having the opportunity to bring a life into this world and shape, mould and nurture that life into a wonderful adult human being should be a thing of pride and joy. So I'm just wondering, why are some matured adults scared of being parents? And some that are already parents, why are they doing it like it's a burden to them?

 People have become selfish and self-centered. Not in a self-care mentality, but to where everything is about them.  Does it make them happy? does it give them money? Does it give them gratification?  It should. However, it prevents them from going out and 'having fun.'  It interrupts their lives, their freedoms.  

They don't want the responsibility. Yet they don't take the measures to ensure an accident doesn't happen. 'It's too inconvenient. It spoils the mood.'  You know what spoils a mood? A teething baby.  The haven't learned to be responsible people, so expecting them to be a responsible parent is asking too much.   

Not that I think this is the case with all parents that act like this, but it is a large contention.  I would hope that someone that finds it a true burden would be willing to let the child have a home with someone that wants the 'burden.'   


Truth be said, parenting is not a child's play. It takes a lot more effort than thought for effective parenting to be carried out, especially with the current crop of kids in this generation.

While some people see parenting as a burden, other see it as an a worthwhile experience.

Those who view it as a burden, dig deep through them, it could be as a result of various things like their experience, stories of others and the likes. In the rare case, some people are just naturally lazy.

Seeing it as a burden is one of the fastest ways to fail in the duty of being a parent.

Parenting is sweet.

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The problem is that most parents are not prepared when it happens. also many people have children for the wrong reasons, have a child thinking that this will save their marriage, or have it only to not feel alone and some only have children because it is imposed by the social norm. But having children is a huge responsibility and when they realize that it did not work as expected, they are frustrated and blame the child.

In my opinion, being a parent is something too complicated and everyone does the best they can. We are human and we are wrong, but that does not necessarily make us bad.

Of course, in the world there are also bad people and therefore bad parents, but the point is that a tired and confused father who at some time complains that being a father is very hard, is not necessarily a bad father.

Being parents scares even when you want to be a father. you ask, what if I'm wrong? What if I ruin his life?

I think we should not judge anyone and respect their fears, and if someone decides not to have children, it may be the best thing, even if the society's standards see it badly.


That is why, this phenomenon is felt more by women in productive age. Because, said Mira, they felt overwhelmed if they had to divide their time between taking care of their children and the desire to pursue careers.

In addition, many modern parents assume that children are costs or costs. Having children means taking time, attention, and money. Not to mention, psychologically, having children also requires a good pattern of care.