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What is https://deals.weku.io?

Yeah. It is a link to a social media that looks very much like Steemit, even though it has not developed or expanded much like the STEEM blockchain which holds a lot of Dapps like; Steemhunt: For digging cool products and earning lots of tokens,

Dtube: A decentralized better version of youtube. Dmania: A place for posting funny pictures and memes.

Busy.org: A social media like Steemit itself. Steampeak: An advanced steemit with many features you would like.

And also, unlike steemit which actually has its own currency, WEKU doesn't have yet, because it has not done her ICO.

Anyways, the thing is WEKU was developed on a concept very similar to Steemit, but it is still far from Steemit


It looks like more of Steemit in different wrapper. I could not see much difference between even tags and rewarding format as well.

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