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Life will never give you want you really want, you only take out of life what you deserve, true or false ?
if true, then expantiate. if false then enlighten the community.

True. I had an understanding of this in my early teenage days. Personally I wasn't born with a Silver spoon so I realized how important it was for me to make a spade for myself. It was necessary.

We want a good life. We want happiness. We want fast exotic cars, magnificent houses, great wealth, beautiful wife, accomplished husband, excellent children, fantastic jobs, lands, power, fame, success etc.

Does everyone deserve all of these? Yes.

Will everyone get them? No.

Life will not give you what you really want because there's a natural system to activate to enable you take out of life what you deserve.

This is what I called the sowing and reaping system. Or to be a bit more spiritual, the "seed-time-harvest" system. This system simply implies that life gives you nothing until you put in something.

You wish to own your own stuff, you wish to buy your own things. Then you've gotta work hard, you'll have to make some savings.

You need a college degree, you'll have to go to school. You wish to acquire a particular skill set then you'll have to give yourself to learning.

You wish to become outstanding and professional in what you do, then you'll have to sharpen and master your skills.

You want to marry well, then create the right relationships. You want to make sales, then be bold enough to advertise and market your product and services.

Nobody is going to hand you success, nobody. Nobody is going to fight your battles because everyone has got their own battles to fight. Nobody is going to pay your bills for you. They can only help, they can't take responsibility for everything or your life.

You are the one who's gonna make things work. You'll need to make inputs, you'll need to put in efforts to live your desired life. You need to understand that asides God, you're in charge of your life.

And in the course of your journey, when you fail that you're not permitted to give up. It's only a sign that a breakthrough is about to be made. Dust your ass, get up and keep pushing.

You need to understand that if you work hard with the right attitude, you can achieve and become anything.

So stop wishing and start working. It's not going to happen overnight. As much as you trust and have faith in God. Also stay committed and devoted to what you do.

Does success has a price tag? Yes. There's always a price to pay, it could be in whatever form. Success will always cost you something; time, sleepless nights, hardwork, patience, forgiveness, connections, consistency, devotion, prayers, delayed gratification etc.

People are not interested in the price as they are in the results. The world don't care about what you passed through or what you're passing through, they care about the outcome, your success story. They're waiting to celebrate you.

Finally, dreams do come true but you have to be intentional.

**Thank you for reading**

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I think that you cannot get what you exactly want in life always. Not "will never", just "not all the time". Specially if you are doing your best to get what you really want and deserve.

Also sometimes, we get something in life that we do not deserve. It is because no matter how good we do in life, there are still some who will do something bad on you.

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The question is really interesting to talk about. What life gives us what we really want ir what we deserve!

Actually the two terms I think are the same with a blur line of demarcation between the two.

Actually suppose lets take my example I wanted a girl to be the part of my life I tried to my best to take that special space in her life. Even I used to do what she wanted changing my choices changing myself whatever I could do.

But I couldn't have her in my life why??

The only reason was because I just wanted her but I didn't deserve her might she not be happy with me in her life but I stay haooy to see her Happy.

Similarly I wanted to be a doctor I worked hard for that I am now a DVM student so actually the point is what we want if we make over self able to deserve that then we could get that.

Life give us chance to want deserve and get.

Just in some cases you have to leave yourself to the fate but Allah does better.