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Shall I ask more questions that I want to know or shall I try to answer more here?
which one is more beneficial here on Musing?

Well it depends on what you want actually. Musing.io is a platform for asking and answering questions and why both of them are important it depends on which matters most to you. If you have questions you want to know then go ahead and ask as many as you can and be sure to get answers on the platform. There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask neither is there a limit to the number of answers you can give here too.

If you are however looking at upvotes then I'll suggest you answer more questions than you ask. This is because answers get more upvotes than questions because anyone can ask questions but not everyone can give answers. Giving answers requires a high level of intelligence and technicality and knowledge about the subject matter as musing.io frowns at plagiarism but applauds originality.

So it is your choice at the end of if all. What works best for you go for it or you can find a way to balance out the two.

Good luck and looking forward to your questions.


Do as you please. There are no restrictions. As long as your questions and answers are relevant and interesting you will be a great contributor to the musing traffic and you will get some upvotes on the way also. I for example like to do both. When I have questions I address them and when I find questions that I like and find interesting I answer them. Musing-io is a two way road so there is no "best way". A question without an answer has close to no value while there can't be any answer without a question. See what you like the most and persevere on that. We are waiting for your questions and answer and I wish you a great day and a pleasant experience on musing. Is it definitely worth spending your time around here. See for yourself and you won't be dissapointed. 


Why not do both? they're both what this platform was designed for anyway. 

  • Do you really have Questions to ask? First ask that to yourself. Are you fabricating questions in this platform just to engage or just to get an upvote or you really have an issue or you really have a question which is going on in your mind for quite some time or which can solve your problem or you are looking for a genuine answer.
  • If you know the answer of some questions, you including everyone can answer here. Be it asking questions or answering questions, it should not be a tendency to fabricate the things rather it should be as natural as someone asks a question in your real life and you answer that if you know and that is the purpose of this platform. Sadly being an incentive based Q&A, spam questions and answers are also a reality but I am sure it will be sorted out by musing team very soon as musing is still at its early stage.
  • If you see other non-incentive based Q&A platform you can realize that how they are making use of resources of people and paying nothing to them, I am glad that in 2018, we have musing which can really improve life of people and the people who spend their time and energy productively in answering here, are greatly being benefited. And we should all respect it and we should be more serious toward answering the questions in a genuine way and not to add to the numbers only.
  • A stage will come in musing, when we will have enough questions and answers which will accommodate the questions of more people without even asking that here.

Thank you and Have a great day.