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Can steemit give a lot of money to its users?

Well Steemit does gives money but not in that way that people usually thinks who are outside of Steemit.

The thing is that you need to give your best to be in here and make a place for yourself and do what you do best and keep on communication with Steemit users and learn how this community works. 

Be active in here and do your best and after some time you will get to a position where you can answer your own question and that would be a very positive YES.


Steemit doesn't promise a lot of money to its users. But steemit provides an opportunity for users to develop themselves and finally he can get a lot of money. It really depends on three things, namely

1. Effort

To get a lot of SBD, you must start with a hard effort. There is no way you can get profits without effort.

2. Creative

Your creativity will affect your income.

3. Don't despair

Never give up on getting a lot of SBD


Steem Inc could give most of the active users a regular income if they wanted to. Their stake is huge, and hardly used. 


Steemit can and also cannot give a lot of money to its user.

Steemit is a online earning place where you can able to earn a lot of money if you can able to do well on it.

There are many contests on steemit which are arranged by many established steemit users. You can earn money by participating in their contest.

There are also some communities on discord about steemit which are giving free upvotes to the creative and original content. You can get free upvote from those communities by creating creative and original content.

There are many platforms on steemit which are giving free upvotes for contributing on their platform. They are utopian-io, steemhunt, steemmonster, dtube and so on. If you are expert on developing then you can contribute on utopian-io and can get a huge amount of free upvote. If you are expert on review of any cool and new products then you can also contribute on steemhunt.

If users can do hard work and able to contribute on steemit various platforms then you can earn a lot of money from steemit. This the way steemit can give a lot of money to its users. If users cannot able to do hard work on steemit then steemit can't give a lot of money to users.