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Can sex solve problems?

Oh hell yeah sex CAN SOLVE a lot of problem.

Where do I even start. There are different aspects and different areas you can consider it, of course. I'll start with reduction of stress.

You see, stress level can be reduced significantly by having good sex. With a reduced stress level you have an happier man or woman, a happier partner, a strong optimist, wich in turn helps you in other areas of life.

Also researches have confirmed that people who have sex often are actually a lot happier than people who don't. The role of happiness in problem solving can not be overstated of course. Imagine facing a problem with sadness, you're not only uninspired, you're completely dejected and the problem has you defeated before you even begin to face it. But facing a problem with optimism and joy, you have whole world behind you--all thanks to sex haha.

Psychologically your health is sound when you have good fulfilling sex, but not just psychologically though, according to WebMD [https://www.webmd.com/sex-relationships/guide/sex-and-health] sex in fact helps strengthen our immune systems, lower your blood pressure and lowers the risk of heart attack. I can't think of anything more problem solving than that lol.

Also any body that has had sex will tell you that sex particularly orgasm, literally takes the pain away. Although it is said that stimulation without orgasm can also do the same. Ladies who have problems with menstrual cramps are in fact advised to do this.

A professor at Rutgers University, New Jersey had this to say about the reports received on the analgesic nature of sex:

"We’ve found that vaginal stimulation can block chronic back and leg pain, and many women have told us that genital self-stimulation can reduce menstrual cramps, arthritic pain, and in some cases even headache,”

So have a problem with pain? The solution is simple--have sex all day! lol. Did I mention it's also a terrific form of exercise? What are you waiting for? Sex is awesome!


Yes it can. But not all.

As defined by Abraham Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs", SEX is a necessity and without it, life can be in trouble. It is something that we need that we cannot deny, we need it to feed our unconscious state of mind. Our cravings for it and our inner self actualization. 

Though it is early to engage in that aspect, I can say that soon it will be a need and it can solve a lot of problems because in the first place, it is a "need" for humanity and life will stop without it.


Well, yes it can. Sex is a means of communication. And just like with other forms of communication, it needs to be done in respect. When this mutual respect is there, during sex, you can open up to one another, and be at your most vulnerable. This will facilitate communication on a verbal level too later on, which will enable a more problem solving setting.

Sex can also be a stress reliever, and in that way it can also solve prolems.

And besides all that, sex also releases specific hormones, which makes people open up and attach more to one another, which can also be the basis for some problem solving.

And as an extreme example, sex can be used in many 'not so nice' ways to fix problems of totally different types, because sex is something that is always in demand.

So it depends on the type of problems. It will not fix your broken leg, or cure the flu you're suffering from, but it can fix your relational problems, or even get your flat tyre replaced.


It depends on different variables. Is the problem serious? Is the problem something that can be solved with sex?

Some people have fights, and love to have makeup sex. This is dependent on the person(s). 

It doesn't make much sense to me. I had a partner once who loved to fight and have makeup sex. I think she started fights just to start sex sometimes.. I am the type of person that doesn't want to have sex with someone I'm mad at, so it makes no sense to me, but some people love to fight and bang. It's a conundrum.


Sex can't solve any problem, only dialogue and understanding can. Sex may make couples fail to address some issues that they should have addressed once and for all, that doesn't mean that the issue has been solved. The sad thing about failing to address the issues that occurs in a relationship is that such issues would keep accumulating and the hurt, misunderstanding and resentment that such an issue is generating in the relationship will always be there until the issue is addressed and both partners reaches an understanding.

Sex may make a partner forget or fail to address a problem in the relationship when it should be address. But such act is not healthy for the relationship because such problem may likely come up again in the nearest future. Don't use sex to cover up issues that require attention in your relationship. It would put your relationship under intense pressure


It depends on what kind of a problem you are trying to solve with Sex. I'm, taking the liberty to answer this question in terms of sex solving relationship problems. 

Sex can solve a number of Relationship problems and to name a few of them, they are as follows:-

1. The two life partners aren't spending enough time with each other. With the busy schedule that we have now a days the couple do not get enough time together. So  making a date night that involves staying in and getting intimate will be helpful.

2. Time to make up for a fight - in this scenario also at times sex can help bring back that relationship of yours with your partner.

3. Remember the 3 G's of being Good, Giving and Game in the bedroom this should help solve the  Relationship problems.


Yes, it possibly can.

While communication is the key in any relationship with issues, change the sex can be an awesome opener to get to know other sides, your partner, and yourself.

By which I mean “spice up the sex”, do something new. Lay it all bare, pun intended, and discover new “fun”. Without going down the kinky or fetish path, I mean things like explore role play, explore locations, explore what you always wanted to do.

Obviously, this *does* require communication with your partner first. And after as well. It is not the problem’s solution, but it can act as a trigger to grow closer to each other together and start working at the other, the real issues.

Yet, as said “change” the sex. Sex in itself, more or less, will not solve anything if it is same old, same old. Yet if it brings new in the relationship, it can open new paths.

Paths which will lead to communication because, no matter what, communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship. But by all means, talk to your partner and experiment with novel ideas in bed. Or outside of it.


 Detect a torque problem on time

If  the first moments of the life of couple are generally placed under the  best augurs, the routine settling more or less quickly and the time can  have adverse effects on the daily life of the partners. Mutual attentions dwindle, personalities assert themselves and everyone's faults can get worse. Beyond  these factors, specific events may mark the occurrence of a couple  problem: sudden financial difficulties, the disarming arrival of a child  at home, adultery or an illness. 

 Preventing couple problems

To mitigate upstream the harmful consequences of a problem of torque, it may be wise to identify early. For this, the partners must make sure to communicate sufficiently, and in the right way. To  detect couple problems in time, some clues can be very useful: a drop  in morale in one of the partners, repeated absences from the marital  home or a problem of sex within the couple are often heralding  difficulties. This is the time for lovers to pose the problem to find solutions. 

 Solutions to the problem of torque

When couple problems are caused by a specific event, it may be easier to deal with them. On the other hand, when the routine and the boredom of everyday life are at stake, the solutions are less obvious. It is important to create a surprise, of course, to bring about renewal. But how ? A  getaway for two, a gift without a particular occasion, sweet words  exchanged in writing or a move, for example, can prove to be beneficial  solutions. To each couple to find together the best way to revive the flame. 

 Sex within the couple: a solution to couple problems

Beneficial  on many levels, both physical and psychological, sex can be a good way  to decompress for partners who have difficulty in their lives as a  couple. 

 Couple life: a dangerous exercise

A unanimous opinion, the life of a couple is a difficult experience to carry out. Requiring many compromises, it sometimes ends in a break, considered either as a benefactor or a failure.

In  any case, before reaching the breaking point, the partners can search  together - and with the help of a third party, possibly - solutions to  their problems of couple. 


If the problem in question relates to sex, then yes it can.

For pretty much all other problems it will be nothing more than a temporary or delaying measure that will allow the parties to feel good for a limited time while ignoring the real, underlying problem.

To solve a problem it must be addressed directly. Either through communication or action. Therefore a problem involving finances, family matters or even what is for dinner cannot be solved directly with sex. It can only be delayed, or disguised. But it will re-surface again since the root cause of the issue has not been addressed, or corrected.

Remember the saying you can't solve your problems by running away.


It solves a lot of problems for me. It lets you relax and kinda think things out if you are frustrated.