How was your experience from this Year and what lesson you have learned?


It has been an interesting year, filled with lots of lessons.

I learned the need for hard work. Some people have said it's not about working hard, but about working smart. I don't totally agree.

Hard work is important, you have to get the job done! There's no two way about it. You have to work hard to get the job done.

I learned of the power of the mind via belief and positive thoughts. Sometimes we reject what we want by belittling it through our unbelief. Sometimes we are afraid of getting what we want, and so we hide this fear behind doubt.

I learned the need of investment in self. We are our greatest possession. If we don't invest in ourselves, as time goes on, we cease to be relevant.

Relevance is key.

Finally, I learned that year in and year out, life continues in a stretch. Success or failure is determined at the end of the life.

Happy New Year.


1...That life is inestimable and delicate.

2...That individuals who like you will continue loving you notwithstanding when you come up short.

3...That it ain't over till it's finished, even if all you have actually got is a long shot.

4...That appealing to God for 40 days can really change your life.

5...That assistance could actually come from the most unexpected places... - .

6...That individuals who despise you may in any case disdain you considerably more in case you are more successful.

7...That a few friends will in general slow you down...

8..That keeping your mouth shut can actually save you from unnecessary problems....

9..That acting like a victim could once in a while make you defenseless and miserable.

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