What is your favorite gaming console?
What is your favorite gaming console of all time?
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I haven't had many console time in my life. I have spent my most time on my PC games. But I love PlayStation 4 just because of all the exclusives it has. PlayStation's exclusives are the only reason why i have stuck to it.

I mean the developers like Naughty Dog and the games that those guys make you just can;t resist them and that's why I would always go with PS4. On a side note, I would really love if the nest PlayStation is backwards compatible. I know with PS3 it was difficult due to the main difference of architecture in PS3 and PS4. But according to the rumours, the PS5 is supposed to come with the same x86 architecture as PS4. So, maybe Sony would surprise us.
My favourite gaming console are so many out of all I will discussed few of my favourite gaming console.whwn I was small I mostly preferred to play on PlayStation 10 and the time changes there were advanced in gaming console I found such as playstation2, playstation3, playstation4 are my favourite gaming console from my childhood later on various gaming console came in my life.

Counter still was the game which I played most on server or as well as with my friends because it has such a good graphics and also the graphics we're brilliant ,the developers had worked so hard to make this game popular and also the game had too much craze at that time.

Later I had played GTA which was popular in all over the world and there were various stages to complete the task and it also has a good controlling system and the developers we're also the great.
1. Playstation VR
For PS VR, actually from 2015, guys. But only this time SONY released a VR-based device guys. If you really like 3D things, just buy this device.

Prices sold in Indonesia are pretty good, ranging from 6 million. Hmm, with that price you can immediately enjoy playing games with VR made by SONY. The design is cool, relying on just a few colors has made this device far more elegant.

2. Playstation 4 PRO
Don't miss the same name as PS4 PRO, because the game is booming in 2017. Because the game that was released was very 3D, for example Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Don't worry, not only in the Steam company that receives Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, but the company SONY PS4 PRO also accepts it. It must have known this one game.

Yay, PS4 PRO is equipped with PS VR which Jaka mentioned in number 1 earlier. Because, most PS4 PRO games must use PS VR, even though not all games. Well, for the price, it is priced around 3 million for Indonesia. Gamers certainly don't miss this: D

3. Xbox One
Maybe some of you already know about this one console game, maybe someone already has it. Xbox One is a game console based on PS and Xbox itself has its rivals, guys. With a perfect and more accurate design, this game has a price of 4 million in Indonesia.

For game cassettes, it is very varied and the price is also expensive for each game cassette. Fortunately, many already know. Because this console is very, very well-known throughout the country. Don't forget to buy it, guys, guaranteed not to regret it.

4. Fuze F1
Fuze F1 is a Chinese-made game console that designs almost exactly the Xbox. The ROM on this console is 32GB, not bad, right? Whereas currently the game console is only controlled by the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Powered by 4GHZ speed CPU, 500GB hard drive, and 4GB RAM.

Isn't it good for you who are game lovers, and the price is relatively cheap. But Jaka himself doesn't know the price: D. Please search. Fortunately there are economy class game consoles like this, guys. Moreover, the stick is almost the same as the Xbox. With a super elegant black color can make people crazy about the formal design.

5. Nintendo 3DS XL
You must already know. Well, for Nintendo 3DS, Jaka also includes it in this article. Why? Because this console already has a 4GB Hard Drive. This is good for the game graphics that this console has, let alone 3D.

Even the game is not inferior to other games, guys. The price for this console is around 3 million. Wow, this small console costs so much? Yes, obviously, because this game has its own uniqueness. Because this console has a kind of touch pen to choose what game you want to play. Let's buy.
My favorite honestly has to be the Wii. Back when that was the thing, it was amazing. I loved how interactive it was with the controller and how game developers made awesome games that allowed you to also be active. Now I game on a PS4, sometimes my XBOX 1 and mostly just on my pc. However with all of these, none of the games are active at all and instead just make me feel even lazier than I think I am. With all that said, wii was definitely the best and shall always stay the best console for gaming as it allows more interaction between yourself and the game as well as that it is the OG (anyone play madden on the wii??).
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I've known consular hours since elementary school, first vcom is my first game, as time goes by I started getting to know PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, so Playstation is my favorite consul game of all time.
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Play station
The game I love to play is the GTA game, it explains a great mafia
I always wanted to use a gaming console to play games. I currently use my laptop and mobile phone to play my favourite game. I don't really see myself as a hardcore gamer. I once used to spend more than 12 hours a day gaming. But as soon as I found it not adding any value to my life, I stopped playing games.

To answer the question, I would say PC is currently my favourite gaming console. I also have a crush on PS4 but I'm not sure if I will go for it or not. For the types of games that I play currently, I feel PC will suffice my requirement.

I recently bought an HP OMEN laptop with a 4GB graphics card for dual purpose. One to do some coding and another is to play some of my favourite game via steam.
The least annoying, most seamless and graphically intense is of course Playstation 4. Do consoles have to get any better than this? Do you need the pro edition? The games are so massive it takes lifetimes to complete them anyway, and the graphics allow for indie and mainstream splendour. The menu is easy, the multiplayer just works and the blu-ray player hasn't let me down. Sure, we'll have faster VR, in the future better graphics, AR and all sorts down the road, but you have to ask yourself: does pleasingly passive armchair-bound interactive entertainment need to get better than this, before it completely overtakes our lives?

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My favorite is my good, old Nintendo 64. It just had so many great games on it! It's actually still the only older generation game console that is still plugged in to my TV.
That is an excellent question, and I could give honourable mentions to the Atari2600 and my first console which was a Grandstand 6 in 1 where we played various versions of Pong in black and white...yes, I AM that old!
Sega master and mega systems and even the original Nintendo did little to whet my appetite but it was the original Xbox which I consider my favourite of all time. Modded with a hard drive and chipped it was a fantasy console. The games and graphics were out of this world but it was just so playable. The controls sat in my hand like a glove and I could spend hours in front of it, especially as at the same time there was a flat and wide screen TV revolution happening too.
I still have it somewhere in a box in the attic at my Mums, I really need to bring it over to Thailand and relive those days in the early noughties!
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Do not miss the name of the PS4 PRO, because this game is really booming in 2017. Because the game is very 3D too, for example Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Do not worry, not only in Steam companies that accept Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, but the company SONY PS4 PRO also accept it. Must've been on tau nih this one game.

Yay, PS4 PRO is equipped with PS VR that Jaka mention at number 1 earlier. Because, most PS4 PRO games have to use PS VR, although not all games. Well, for the price, dibanderol about 3jt-nan for the country of Indonesia. The gamers certainly do not miss this
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Call me crazy or call me weird.

I love my PS2
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PS2 had a lot of great games though! I have great memories from playing on the PS2 back in the days :)
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Ps2 is my favorite, had all the best games of my childhood. But currently my PS4 pro.
i dont have gaming console as i cant afford it but i love playing PUBG on phone
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My Favorite Gaming Console is Play Station.
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Playstation 4