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What do you consider as the most difficult job in the world?

I think the most difficult job would be being a parent. No matter how much preparation you put into parenting, you never can tell what the outcome would be like. I've seen and heard people who took their time to read and story books, watch videos on parenting and they still ended up as parental failures.

Parenting isn't very easy. There are so many things that you have to consider, so many things you have to avoid doing if you want to see your child grow up in the right way.

You never can tell the balance between punishing your child for a wrong done and when is too much. You have to monitor the child to know if he's keeping the right company, if he is studying enough, if he is saying the right words and so many other things have to be put into consideration.

Also parenting requires a lot of sacrifice. There are many things you want to achieve, many things you'd rather do with your time and resources but you'd u have to put aside those dreams, those ambitions because you have kids to take care of.

Yes,with kids comes responsibilities. That's because there are fees to pay, there are books to buy, there are needs that wouldn't have arisen if you were single or childless and then also you have to be kind even when a kid may be undeserving. You have to be loving, you'd have to know how to tame your anger even when you would have slapped the devil out of the child.

Your mind would always be in disarray when your child goes out and doesn't return early, when he's somewhere you can't reach him or her.

Parenting is no mean feat. It's parenting for me!


You can do a lot of things. There are many options. If I talk about the most difficult job in the world, it is difficult for me, but it is just a piece of cake for someone. What job you do, you have to put your effort on it. And at the same time you have to face challenges. 

Everyone is unique. People are passionate about different things. They love to do different job. What you like most, that is the easiest job in the world, that might be difficult for someone else, but not for you.

Many people hate their job because it is boring, they are not interested in it etc. If you do not like a specific job, that is difficult for you. For example, I do not like a job that does not use latest technology and follow the old system. In case I do such job, it seems I live in an ancient time. 

Technology makes everything easier and faster. You can use it to do anything you want. The world is moving another way, you cannot go backward. You may be emotional about how things were done before, but that will not work any  more. You have to follow what works now.

So if you do not want to do something and you hate that, but you have to do it, I consider that as the most difficult job in the world.


If you hate what your doing, that's the most difficult job in the world.