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What motivates you when you actually feel defeated?

Defeat is a state of the mind. An emotion that tend to overwhelm us when we fail at accomplishing our goals, tasks or assignment. Everyone have felt it at one point in their life or the other. Some have gone through it in the past, some are going through it right now and some will later in the future. Defeat is like a deflated balloon or a flat tyre. If you're driving along the road and suddenly have a flat tyre, you don't keep driving. Otherwise you could damage the  vehicle's rim. You don't hope or wish that somehow the tyre will just fill itself with air. No, instead you  step out of the car and bring out your spare tyre. You change the deflated one and keep driving.  

That's what I do when that feeling threatens to overwhelm me and pull me down. I take a break and recharge. I fill my mind with positivity thoughts just like that tyre with air. I remind myself that failing doesn't make me a failure. It just means I have another chance to prove my superstardom, another opportunity to do it better than I would have if I got it right the first time. Just like Thomas Edison, he made 1000 attempts to make a light bulb come on and he failed one thousand times. He kept telling himself that he didn't fail. He only discovered a thousand ways by which electricity could not be produced. He didn't stop there. He tried again the one thousandth and one time and that was it, light came. So for me, this is a very big motivation.

Another thing I do is silence the voice in my heads screaming failure. You don't silence the voice of your mind with silence no. The voice will keep rising high and drown you. What you do is talk back at it. If it screams failure, scream success. If it screams fear, speak bravery. If it screams defeat, speak victory. People may think that you have lost it mentally or you are schizophrenic. If that would be a challenge for you, then lock yourself in your room and win the battle in your mind. At least since you're alone in the room, you wouldn't consider yourself mad. Over the years, I've learnt to arm myself with God's word. When challenges like this come, I just keep speaking God's word to myself, reminding myself what God has said concerning me. 1john 4:4, 5:4 have really been useful. You you can do same and you'all suddenly feel a new strength. The truth of the matter is that speaking positively to oneself does not automatically change the failure to success but it gives you the courage to try again. It fills you with the winning mentality. You sure would need this.

I've also learnt to surround myself with people of like faith. People with same mindset as myself. If you do the opposite, you'll find yourself among people who in the name of logic will analyze and dissect the problem, you are on your way to doom because, they'll just keep making you see the worst side of the situation. They will make you see that it is hopeless. Some may even blame you. So, it is important you connect with the right people because energies are contagious whether positive or negative and before long, you'll begin yo see in the persons perspective. Get around people who can point to the silver lining behind the cloud. You sure need it at this point.

Don't forget that people make mistakes. That just points to the fact that we are humans and humans make mistakes because they are not perfect. Rather than brood over the mistake and reflect over what you did that you didn't do right or what you should have done, let it go. Salvage whatever piece you can from the situation and get back to riding. The beauty of life is not in never falling but in our abilities to rise every time we fall. Rise and keep riding. Don't stop.

Some years ago, i wrote an exam that would qualify me for admission into the university. Some weeks later the results were released. I didn't qualify for the cut off mark for my choice course. I told a friend who kept laughing at me, mocking that i wouldn't be going to the university that year. He kept making me see the worst sides of the situation. He succeeded at filling up my mind with negative and depressing thoughts. Eventually, i had to cut off from him. In my solicitude, those negative thoughts were rising and singing defeat in my head. I remembered a song by Sinach that rescued me. The song title I'll never forget was "born to win". Some of the lines said, no matter what i face, i will always win, whatever comes my way, i will always win.

I kept playing and singing the song to myself over and over again and guess what, that was how that voice of defeat just died. I started seeing hopes again, joy just kept welling from my inside and the courage I needed to start again and make my wrongs right just came.

This has been my life saving principle. It has never failed. So, i can recommend it to anyone. Its important what we hear and how we hear because words are seeds. Simple and small but as you keep brooding over them, it becomes a great tree. Cogitate on the right words

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Its like conditioning yourself to look on the positive side of everything. Remember :


You may have been defeated today but that doesn't you will forever be a loser. It means you need to do more for you to be greater.

As I would testify another from Thomas Edison's famous quote :

"I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways that didn't work"

Lastly to make it more meaningful. A quote from Albert Einstein will be my last card :

"A person who has never made a mastake has never tried something new".


I find a cuddle from my kids helps me millions, it seems to life my spirits and gives me the motivation to carry on.

If I didn't have my kids I would probably struggle to get out of bed everyday as it can be a little challenging sometimes.


I am my biggest motivator. I set a goal for myself and engrave it into my mind.  Then my center of attention is solely set on achievig the goal. I focus on doing whatever I can to get to where I want to be. I  look at the path towards success (set goal) as a staircase. Every time I progress or do something that is bringing me closer to the end goal I'm steping one step forward. The staircase  is broken and thus I will fall (fail) sometimes. When I march forward and fall, or something steps in my way I stop. Consider what just happened and think of how I'm going to adapt my thought process and behaviour so that next time I won't fall at the same obstacle but, will rather jump over it.

That's how I progress through life while tring to achieve something big. I set the bar high and day by day, step by step, I work towards gettting to the top of the staircase! 

Whenever I fall, I embrace it because it is only then when I learn the most.


What really makes me motivated is that I do believe in my self that is can still do it again and remain on top. When being defeated doesn't mean that is the end of the road no instead that is the beginning of success, when u fall u will surely get again and most especially I don't give up.


Disappointments kept me motivated. I have seen my fantasies getting dashed not once commonly. I have put in days and evenings in certainty months, considering what turned out badly. I considered my disappointment so much that its whatever I can think or see now. My fantasies and disappointments both have turned into an indivisible piece of me.

Now and then, I would sit tight for situation to change. Once in a while, I would change. In any case, all endeavors appeared to be worthless. I have battled for reasons unknown. Before I met disappointment, I never knew there was something many refer to as good fortune. Regularly I hear motivational speakers say: remain centered, buckle down, keep your eyes on objective. Universe will work out everything. I think every one of those are horse crap. I am not languid. Truth be told I am persevering. I have been model at my work and studies. Be that as it may, I needed to agree to not as much as the best a few times. I would never comprehend why disappointments and torment tailed me like a shadow. Presently I would prefer not to on the grounds that now I need to simply win. I am will continue doing what I know the best that is attempting.

I have tasted frustration for so long that now I crave triumph. I have overcome much to consider surrendering . Torment is not any more bizarre to me. I am not apprehensive of agony or disappointments, since I figured out how to live with it.

Each time I propel myself out of the bed it is to giggle at all the terrible things that have transpired. Its to refute every one of those individuals who pulled me down. I do unquestionably trust that best is yet to come. In spite of whatever shrewd I have encountered, I am not prepared to have confidence in something many refer to as fortunes and I am not done yet to let my past run my fantasies.


Whenever I felt defeat I remember a quote by

By Martin Luther King.......

In the event that you can't fly, at that point run.

In the event that you can't run, at that point walk.

In the event that you can't walk, at that point slither.

Be that as it may, whatever you do, continue moving.


All in all, what's truly pulling you down?!

Is that life?



Or on the other hand senses?

Nobody ever knows the genuine purpose for this.

In any case, when life hauls you down unquestionably it would channelize you towards the correct way.

On occasion, we feel everything to suck so gravely.

We simply get trapped into only a void brimming with cynicism.

Your yell outs goes futile.

You come up short.

Yet at the same time there falsehoods an expectation which first lights from the grave of your little soul which pushes you to accomplish further.

It would disclose to you this isn't the finish of your adventure.

There is as yet an example of overcoming adversity to be extinguished.

It just takes a little inspiration to cruise everything.

For your life is as excellent as the butterflies and you aren't intended to simply relax.

Outperform what u were yesterday and go on an undertaking finding who you truly are?!

PS: This isn't a statement. However, something motivational that my spirit continues revealing to me when I feel low. For one's spirit could be the best sidekick!


That one day i can get a revenge and i will be the one having the last laugh