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Why are some people still reading newspaper when they could simply read all the information through the internet?

Routine. A lot of people who Prefer newspapers to digital feeds belong to the older generation who had majorly newspapers as their mode of mainstream information.

Overtime such standards have become embedded as routines, making it difficult to resist change and adapt to digital newspapers.

Also, people have Natural preferences for hard cover material over Digital copies making the continuous production of hard material possible


Old habit dies hard.

The older generation are used to reading news from the paper and not at staring at their gadgets for so long. Some people still find hard to read something 'serious' on their gadgets without straining their eyes or losing focus.

I don't know how it is in other part of the word. Reading newspaper shows you are classy, up-to-date and learned. Newspapers seem to be for big men here. A way of showing their class... reading newspaper over coffee makes anyone feel important.

Though most newspaper houses publish their news on their website even before they print them. The older folks still believe newspaper has more authenticity than news on the web that can be edited later. Newspaper serve as a great reference for posterity. My father for example, the newspaper on the event he appeared on the front-page of a national daily.


Habitual behavior! We know that it's a complete waste of paper, waste of natural resources, and unhealthy for the planet, yet many people still read a paper. Why?

It's what their used to, getting up in the morning, brewing some coffee, eating breakfast, and reading the news paper, and/or watching the news. It was the thing to do not very long ago, and I imagine it will die away within the next generation or two, but we'll still be seeing news papers for a while. 

Personally, I don't mind if they phase out. I don't like the implications of how much natural resources are being wasted by utilizing them. 


Information in news papers are more specific and direct than information on the internet. Newspaper houses are verified information houses. Their information are authentic and verifiable. Thus most people still patronize them because they provide real and verifiable information

Information shared on the internet are not as timely and verifiable as those in the newspapers. Anyone can post an information on the internet without citing any actual source or based on hear say. Most people try to verify information read on the internet by checking several sources to confirm if the information is the same. But with a news paper you don't have to do that

So information in a news paper seem more authentic and easily verifiable that's why most people hungry for genuine information still patronize them