What superstitious beliefs does your family practice during new year?
12 round fruits to symbolize 12 months of prosperity? No chicken on the table?

  In Venezuela we used to do quite a few things responding to some superstitious beliefs. Most of those practices involved sending money on certain things so, under the current crisis, most likely people will not be doing most of that this New Year’s Eve.

There was the traditional eating of 12 grapes in the last minute of the year. One grape for every month to come, invoking health and prosperity during the whole year. Grapes are so expensive now that as of yesterday, I had not seen a single vendor selling them.  

There was also the tradition of wearing yellow underwear. This year very few people will be able to afford underwear at all, let alone yellow, a color most people don’t like to wear. Yellow underwear is supposed to guarantee abundance during the year to come. A piece of underwear now cost a whole month of salary. So much for abundance.

There was also the traditional crossing of the street and walking some blocks with a suitcase to invite traveling and fun. I think that without intending to do that at to that extent, Venezuelans provoked the massive migration wave that is now invading the whole continent and even parts of Europe. Allegedly, if you walk the street with a suitcase immediately after the new year has “entered”, people will materialize all their traveling plans.

We also had the tradition of having cash, lentils or rice in our pockets so that we will spend the whole new year with money. With cash being hard to get these days, that will be another tradition going down the drain.


We don't eat chicken on New Year's Eve because it is believed that chicken would throw you back when it comes to developing. It as also believed that if you fill your wallet and pockets with money, you're going to be rich.

Another one is to eat fish because fish are full of fishscale and that means you are going to be rich. And the last one is that a man should enter the house, never a woman, because that means bad luck.

Don't ask me if I believe in these because I don't. These are old takes or call them whatever you want. I believe you are making your luck no matter what you do or think.