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Do you share your passwords to your wife/husband? If yes, Why?If no, Why?

While trust is important for relationships, it's also important to respect boundaries. If your partner is getting upset that you won't give them passwords into various things that's actually a big red flag.

I learned the hard way that it's not always good to share passwords. My roommate is a long-time friend who may as well be my spouse at this point and I gave him the main password into my computer in case of an emergency situation. Not so he could look in on my accounts and such, but so in case I was in the hospital or dead or something he could go in and make sure all my accounts were properly taken care of and people I care about who have no other contact with me can be alerted so they're not left in the dark.

And yet last year we had a major fight, I was in a bad place and I ended up checking myself in to a mental health facility for a few days. During that time he used the information I had given him to go into my computer and look in on conversations where I had been complaining about his behavior leading up to this fight with people. Just venting to get it out and getting advice about what to do because I was unsure, which I feel is perfectly valid and safe.

Instead of accepting this behavior, however, he decided that it was unacceptable and overreacted about the whole thing and it was all in all a pretty bad situation. I have since changed the password on my computer, as I have no choice but to stay with him for the moment, and I make sure my computer is locked before it is ever out of my sight. He gets angry about it but I refuse to let him back in because I trusted him and he broke that trust and so now I have to set the boundary that no, he is not allowed to do that anymore.

There's trust and then there's having a healthy boundary to have to do with your social media and personal accounts that you don't want them messing with and those are not the same thing by a long shot.


My first year of marriage was horrible. My wife and I are always in arguments for non sense. One big factor of it is trust. During those days our trust to each other is somehow not good. Until time passed by and we have figured out that we should trust each other up to the full level. Now, our arguments is just like storm, I didn't mean strong. I mean our arguments are very rare to happen. We've love each other much because of transparency. We have no secrets to each other. It all started when I shared my passwords in social media accounts and even emails just to prove her that she can trust me. Then she also shared her passwords without me asking. So if you're not hiding something it's better to share it. It will build trust and also build a strong relationship.


No, because it is my cellular level secret ... Lol.