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What is the best thing that happened to you in steemit?

THANKS FOR YOUR SPECAIL QUESTION. In steemit many specail things happend with me. From steemit I learn first about crypto currency. And many things .In some days I will complete one year in steemit.But many spacial things here happend with me.That I am going to tell.  


     In steemit I got help from many good heart steemian who always inspire me to work here.And because of steemit I got so many good friend from many country.Because of steemit I meet so many new people for work.Its really so interesting for me.Also I got help from so many good steemian that I cant forget also.That's specail things happend with me.  


From steemit I am able to know first about crytocurrency . In past I didn't know about this matter.From here I got knowledge about many things.That's so important for one online worker.Also from steemit many good blogers I got knowledge about many things.But before steemit I didn't know anything.But because of steemit I know now. That's specail things  happened with me. 


 Because of steemit I achive now so many knowledge about many things.Its just because of work In steemit.Also for need to work here I need to always talk people in english. But first when I join I feel afraid to talk but now I  am not like past.I feel free to talk anyone just for work here.That's most important things happend with me. 

  At the last I want to say from steemit I didn't earn just. I achiced also many things. That's so important for  our recent life activities. From steemit we can get so many knowledge. Also because of steemit in this 11 months I got many specail things.Now its part of my life.Also I said already Three main things that's happend with me.   

Thanks for your question.  

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The best thing that has happened to me on Steemit is that I have had the opportunity to work with a few different startup companies and organizations and I have made some incredible friends that I talk to every single day! I have been involved in cryptocurrency since 2012 so I have had a unique perspective in being able to watch various communities grow and support each other within the crypto space. The Steemit community is full of people from all over the world that each bring a unique opinion based on their life experiences so it is fun to learn from them. The knowledge that I have gained from my experience on Steemit is invaluable! I pray that the Steemit community is able to rally together to bring the Steem price up and provide some stability to the coin long term. 

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash


In steemit I spent lot I am.here from 1 year.In this few month I got many things But special one thing.I got many good friends. Many good heart people.And best thing we me everyday in steemit o got something to learn. Spcial from my many good friend.Also in steemit we all not from same country.But slowly we are getting attached for each other.Now its my habbit.So best thing in steemit for me I got so many good friends from so many countries. Also I meet some practical life angel.

Thanks a lot for your question...


I have been on Steemit for more than one year. I met amazing people all over the world. I like to write. Steemit is the place where I can express myself the way I want. There is no restrictions. And you can do whatever you like. I love the freedom. Your Steemit account will not be banned or disable. You own your content. Your personal information will not be sold to the third party. Here you will be rewarded for your contribution.

My posts have been featured in different communities. I am grateful that people like my content. The support and love I get from different communities, that's amazing. So what is the best thing that happened to me in Steemit?

Qurator featured me as one of Qurator's Shooting Stars. I really appreciate for the recognition. I would like to thank everyone for your support and kind words of encouragement.

Here's the link of Qurator's post.


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 I joined STEEMIT in the last month of December and now I have been using one year. I want to share with you guys my one year experience on Steemit. I achieve here something great in my life. I have just not earned some crypto coin, I also learn many things and make kind-hearted friends which is help me out whenever I found some difficulties. I earn 1000 Steem in just one year and I'm so happy about that. But I'm waiting the price of steem rise up. When I withdraw my money for achieving my main purpose in life. 


I make some good friends and got support

I found some great personalities on Steemit which is helping me out when I joined steemit. I also got some friends. I am very glad to be part of this community. Here are lot peoples is very kind from the different of countries. I wanna say a bundle of thanks to @r2conrnell @neoxian @graphter and @rockz thankyou so much😇

Best things that I achienved on Steemit

I learn about cryptocurrency which is learning about the basic facts of cryptocurrency. Besides this, at the end of this year in the last month, I got something great dApps which are the main reason for increasing my earning on Steemit like, @Steemhunt, @Musing, @esteeemapp. These are 3 websites are amazing for me because I earn some money and learn about something great. I feel very glad to be a part of these earning website.


Joining @neoxian 's community on discord!

Before joining that community, I felt like a lost soul on Steem. I might have been already a member of some Steem communities but I feel out of touch from them. It feels like most of the members are just members to get a share from the community bot upvotes. 

While I appreciate the support of those communities, it felt boring. I've got no real genuine engagement on people here in Steem, have no one to chat to and no one to share my Steem journey in casual way kind of talk. That is until last May/June last year when I got to befriend and joined Neo's server. 

Neo and the people there are surprisingly friendly and very interacting. It immediately become my hang-out spot (and is still the only Discord server where I spent most of my free time with). 

If it wasn't for Neo and the citizens there my whole Steem journey would have been a pretty boring one. Sure I get some decent upvotes from other Steem communities but nothing still beats genuine community engagement. Most of them might just be minnows/planktons but it's nice to have someone to talk to and can relate to regarding things abou the platform. 

So yeah! I think that's the best thing that happened to me in Steem/it, aside from the $$$ of course. :)


I will say the best thing that happened to me on steemit is getting more exposure to how Cryptocurrency works and what it is all about.

Before I joined steemit, hardly do I know much about Cryptocurrency or how it works, actually not until I get to join steemit and I begin to get much more informed about how it works and getting a lot knowledge about it.

With this knowledge, I can now invest with my money in Cryptocurrency with more wisdom and been wise when investing which may later turn me to a great and wonderful millionaire in the future.

So this I will say it is the best thing that may have happened to me on steemit. Getting more knowledge and getting informed about how Cryptocurrency works, what Cryptocurrency is all about and how to cautionary invest in Cryptocurrency.



The best thing that happened to me in steemit was that I could write, indeed the biggest problem for some people is that they cannot write.

Well, here I will defeat all of that, even though my writing is bad and not quality.

But I believe, over time the quality of writing will be better if it continues to be trained. My current writing may not be as good as book writers, writers, or journalists, but I'm sure if I keep writing, I will be equal to their abilities.

My best thing in Steemit is that I am also diligent in reading. By becoming a guide, I am definitely diligent in reading because it is impossible for me to be able to make good writing if I rarely read.

The rest is known to many people, by joining the Steemit platform, there is an opportunity for me to be known to the wider community even known by all the Steemit communities.

Even if it's not popular, my writings will be read by others, I will be known by my writing.

I also do not stutter technology, as people who live in the digital age and information, is a must for someone to know the latest technological developments.

I also have extensive connections, I have many friends in real life. By becoming a Steemian I will improve the network of friends. I can also add new friends to Steemit.

With photography, steemit not only has the ability to write, but for me, I have to master various fields. One of them is about photography. Why is that, because here is also a platform that promotes images, of course quality images.

Maybe that's the best thing that happened to me in Steemit.

Thank you, greetings @nandaibra


I am one year old on steemit now. The best thing to ever happen to me on steemit was discovering various communities where I got more exposed to cryptocurrency, how to write good posts and how to recognize a post with good content. These communities also helped me publicize my music skills and talents. The friends I met there happened to be very friendly and supportive. Without communities like @abuja-steem @air-clinic @steemjet @wafrica I would not have been this exposed but these communities have helped my experience on Steemit to be worthwhile.

My music has been so appreciated by people on the Steem platform and it is amazing how one can be so loved by people whom you haven't met before. The feeling is fantastic that is the reason why I do not hesitate to support a newbie on here or even someone I think needs to be guided in order to make it here on the blockchain.


There are some of the best things that have happened to me during my joining (19 months) with Steemit. And my account summarizes it in just two terms, namely: Learning Blog and Learning Cryptocurrency.

Learning Blog

The world of writing is not new to me, because my profession is an educator. As education, writing (articles, journals, books, etc.) is an obligation. During this time, I wrote only on microscopes which were then printed or shared in pdf, etc.

To load my writing on the website or have my own website is the first thing that happened to me while joining Steemit. I study the html node template. The html nodes on the Steemit platform really helped me develop my capacity to create a blog. So, I really pay attention to the appearance of my posts, so does the display on my blog.

Learn Cryptocurrency

I am a lay person, who does not understand cryptocurrency. After joining Steemit. I have learned it. And before, I thought that cryptocurrency was only produced by mining or investment.

Apparently, Steemit with its Blockchain system has changed my view on how to produce cryptocurrency by creating quality content (many indicators there).

May be useful.

Warm regards


I have been here on Steemit for about One and a half Year and there are many fond memories so it will be very hard for me to pick out the Best thing that happened to me. But I am going to write down some events that happened to me here on Steemit.

First of all, I was once Upvoted by @blocktrades for over 60 USD and this was at a time when I had close to zero payouts. This was one of the most exciting time for me on Steemit as this gave me a confidence boost to keep on writing.

The second point would be the fact that I made some nice friends out here who are very helpful and heartwarming to talk to.

My third point will be the fact that I get to learn a lot of things from different parts of the world in a single place. I love cooking so I always look out for Recipes here on Steemit and I try to make those at home. Sometimes it goes horribly wrong while sometimes things work out perfectly.

One more point that I would like to add is the fact that you can get confirmation of News here on Steemit. As I said in my previous point that people from different parts of the world are here so for example, you heard news that something Cryptocurrency related is happening in India but you are unsure about it so you can ask me(Since I am from India) if the news is true or just straight up lies.


There are wonderful testimonials regarding my Steem journey, However, the best thing that happened to me is being a part of awesome communities. Check out the list below:

1. @Steemchurch - This is the first church on the blockchain created by @Sirknight. The community is dedicated to crusade for freedom through the power of love under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is our model. There are sub-communities including @Sc-v, @Sc-g  @farms  and @Sc-n which is my home community. We share love and we hope for #beatitudes-SMT. You can join us.

2. @Ulogs - This community was created by @Surpassinggoogle. Its a unique community dedicated to help users share their freshness to the world. With #ulogs, you are not bothered about plagiarism because users are to share their life, what they do and its unique.

3. @Air-clinic - This was the first community that made my early days wonderful. Here, you have access to health information and healthcare services on the blockchain. The community is created by @Nairadaddy.

4. @Stach - This is simply a real-life hub in Nigeria, Africa that inspires. Thanks to @Ejemai for creating.

5. @Sndbox - I have been so captivated by the creativity in this niche. At @Sndbox, you are shown the path to creativity and you keep being creative.

6. @Musing - This is my latest community which redefines creativity. With Musing.io, you simply ask questions and give answers. The community spices interaction and is a fun and rewarding way to learn.


Hope. Steemit made me hope.

It was January 2018. I had had a very rough 2017 and I was not about to have a repeat.

I resolved to work extra hard and take any legal opportunity found to make money. I just wanted something that worked and I'd put my heart into it.

So, when I saw an advertisement on Instagram, it appeared too good to be true, so I watched for a few days until I confirmed it true.

Steemit taught me that my work (I'm a writer) was valid, valid enough to be appreciated by strangers; people who didn't know me but thought I was doing a good job.

Steemit gave me another source of income. It was a place I could get some money when the other places refused to pay.

Steemit gave me friends. Creatives who were also honing their craft, people who loved sharing, people who have challenges like you, but are interested in helping you. People from all over the world who showed that when all is said and done, we are all humans.

Steemit gave me hope; hope that says I am relevant, hope that says I'll always find a way to make wealth, hope that says a friend can be found anywhere, hope that says the human mind can achieve so much more than we can imagine.

So, yeah, steemit gave me hope. Steemit keeps me hopeful.


Being upvoted by @curie and @utopian-io would be the most memorable events. The other significant events are conversing with known public figures in the blockchain. This got me thinking the visibility is earned. They noticed my content and I engaged with them as a give and take. I think that's a real indicator that I'm on the right track with my steemit goals to grow in the blockchain. 


The best that happened to me on steemit was I've learned a lot of things. Though steemit was introduced to me by a friend, I still don't know how it works. After my account was created, I just spent my day reading about the platform but the information was not enough. Then along the way by reading posts from other users I was able to understand how everything works. Long time ago I didn't know what is bitcoin, steem and cryptocurrencies even though I keep on seeing it on the internet. 

Then musing.io was born. Until today I still keep on reading questions and answers which why my learning is still continuing.



The journey was great too. Though in all honesty, the financial rewards came at a time when needed most.


_Thanks for the question_

_I can tell you with certainty that Steemit and steem of course made me dream again. Living in Greece, a country which literally is still paying the price of the financial crisis of 2009/2010 and has an average monthly salary of around 600 Euros, is really hard._

_At times I too struggle, and I am obliged to work 10, 11, 12 hours per day so that I can cope with my bills and debts. . . .I inherited. It's not exactly a dream life._

_But entering steem world  and engaging constantly with the community made me realize that if there is one thing that can solve my financial problems once and for all that is crypto. And particularly steem. And I am sure thousands feel the same way as I do. I am not in a hurry. And I am sure that eventually when people will realize the potential, cryptos will shine._

_That's the best thing that happened to me. Made me dream again._  


I have completed 6 months in steemit. Initially I was not able to work properly due to lack of knowledge but later I did study about it and could start posting.

The first best thing happened with me that I got a upvote from @blocktrades worth 68 dollar which was boosted my motivation level very high.

Second best thing is that I became part of @chbartist family and everyday I read atleast one knowledgeable post which is very good for self improvement.

Another best thing which happened with me is that @nathanmars selected me for his amazing project linkseven77 also known as dtube777 and I recently started recording videos for @dtube and I find it very good. Dtube should be promoted with more people to increase audience and I have already started sharing about dtube with my friends and expecting them to join it soon.

I have made many good friends across the world and get to know about new things and news around the world. It helps me to get the worldwide updates.

Thank you.

Follow: @alokkumar121

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I think the best part of being a Steemian is learning. I have learned more about cryptocurrencies like how to convert/trade and other things about it.

I also learned some other things through reading various posts especially when I was a curator.

I got rewarded quite big amount as well on some of my posts. I was able to learn and earn in this platform.

I was able to gain some online friends too.


your question is very good. I joined Steemit for almost 1 year. a lot of things happened with me. there are a number of things that make me happy in steemit and there are also those that cause me to get upset at steemit First, I will talk about things that upset me in Steemit.

something that caused me a little annoyed at steemit. that is, many people give upvote only to certain people. like to his close friends and family. they don't give upvote to others who have low power. even though people who have low power have very extraordinary works. should provide upvote to be done fairly.

which caused me to be happy in Steemit, the first I already had many friends from various countries. before I joined Steemit, I never had friends in other countries.

second, I can find out various knowledge in steemit. especially for science what I like best is health. I know more about health science in steemit than when I studied at university in the past.

I also know a lot about cryptocurrency in steemit. At first I did not understand what cryptocurrency is. but after I joined Steemit now I found out more about cryptocurrency.


The best thing that happened to me on steemit was me being able to learn and earn. Double advantages


i have been working here in steemit from 2017. I have got lots of foreign friends due to steemit .

At the beginning, i was new in steemit, i didnot know all the things properly about how to work and how to get success. So, i joined few groups related to steemit , i got lots of support and help, lota of ideas and proper information about all the thing regarding steemit .

Some friends i have got from the groups are my best friends now, we are in good touch . We share each and every thing with each other .

We are planning to have a tour together with them. I am very happy that i have got lots of close friends due to steemit platforms.


I really appreciate this question. this is really interesting to answer by all steemians. Surely the journey of the steemians in this platform community has the best things and it is also undeniable that there is the worst thing. 

Steemit for me is the biggest cutting-edge technology I've ever found at the end of 2016. In December 2016 I got information about this great platform when I was surfing the internet. Even though he was already a number of people in my community who joined Steemit, at that time the information about Steemit had not been viral, meaning that not many people knew so that I did not know that several people from my community (Aceh) had registered a steemit account. 

I successfully registered my account in December 2016, and it didn't occur to me that the steemit password could not be reset.

I can't use my first account to act as a steemit user, both to post, comment on other user content and upvote. Because I don't save my password or key master of account.

That is the worst thing in steemit and I feel myself the most stupid because something important I can ignore. 

Then in May 2017 I tried to register another account with username @ijoel.  Since day that, then I created a first post for introducing myself as newcomer in steemit. 

Day by day, many things I didn't know before, but after being active and participating in the community there were many that I understood, among them about dApps, blockchain and cryptocurrency (Steem and SBD).

These are all valuable lessons that I did not find at the university. Initially one of the third party applications as Steemit user interface that always supports me is eSteem. Every post and comment I always get vote from the witness generous, @good-karma.

The best thing I can't forget is moment HF 19 and January 2018.