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When there will be a social network similar to Twitter or an application that allows sharing links and bookmarks within Steem?
I wan t I want to be able to share my favorite news and my favorite links inside the steem and I want to be able to share them, save them and organize them. All. Here.. ¿Someone knows of some application? Sorry for my english, I m know that is very poor.

Don't apologise for your English, I am sorry I don't speak your language and that the majority of Steem is in English.

To your question.

The Twitter Steemalike is or was called Zappl which was an excellent Twitter clone. I know it didn't work on my Huawei and I'm not sure its still working or supported. Have a search on the Play store and you may find it still.

As for organising and sharing your links, have a look at @dlike at www.dlike.io . I'm not sure it will fulfil all your needs but it may be a start and there is a lot of ongoing development.

If you use @partiko as your mobile front end, it has a favourite function you can use to save articles you like.

What would be really nice is if we had a Steem equivalent of 'Pocket' which might be a great project for one of our many talented developers to take on!

There are also lots of other Apps if you search around based on the Steem blockchain, Taststeem for restaurant reviews, musing is a Quora clone of course and there are lots of more utilitarian Apps too.

We really need to get people trying out and using these apps as I believe the long term development of this blockchain and its mass adoption depends on getting lots of great apps for people to use.

I'm not sure how up to date this is, but I use this to search and try things out:-


I hope this helps, and please if there is an idea you have, make a post and tag some of the whales and devs :-)

Hope this helps.

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Wooops!, the good news is : Steem already has that dApps. It's called dlike.


You can share anything you like there, like your perrsonal bookmarking. Nah, the best thing is : you can earn votes from that dApps too.