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What type of video game player are you?

 The guy who likes games where you make a story go forward. So inevitably ... The Sims.

I spent hundreds of hours there.

Already, to build houses crazy. In fact, no, not houses, palaces. Here is my latest creation: a Renaissance castle with its French garden overlooking the lake. 

 With its  own ice cream gallery, a huge library in the east wing, a ballroom ... I  spent a few nights customizing each element of the decor to reproduce  18th century furniture.

Then I create my Sims, I make stories. When  I say that I make stories, it is because I put them in certain  situations, I take pictures, I write the legends and put them end to  end, it is the novel of their life full of dramas orchestrated by me. 

 King of Condé, master of the castle and ruler of Montevista, asks Lucie, a commoner, in marriage.

And of course, I tested a lot of challenges found on the forums:

Serial  Killer Challenge: Create a diabolical Sims, lure other Sims to his  home, lock them in a cellar: watch the evil Sims rejoice in their cries  of suffering until they die.

Challenge Generation: Create a couple and continue the story until the tenth generation.

Challenge Henry VIII: super complicated this one, it is necessary to reproduce the history of Tudor.

One man, 100 Kids challenge: One Man, 100 Kids Challenge
SDF challenge: you create a family of Sims, but you put them on an empty ground. They have to go out to take showers at the others, sleep on the benches ...

Mod The Sims - Sims 3 Challenges lists a few hundred in the genre. I  love those where you have to recreate stories, like Henry VIII above,  but also Little Women, Twilight, Romeo and Juliet, Les Misérables ...

Well, I also burned incredible time on Assassin's Creed 1, 2 & 3, and Skyrim. Assassin's  Creed 3 and Skyrim I will never finish seeing that I just lost all my  backups for the second time - Xbox died - and I do not feel like  starting over again. Grrr. I'll play Sims again. 


I'm a passionate video game player and a business man. Haha.

Once I am fully satisfied with the game, gaining the attention and complete satisfaction of my items. I indulge my account into business.

I am a passionate gamer and I can spend 18 hours just to spend levelling up and farming so much items - then selling it to individuals who wanted to buy stuff. It is when I get returns from my hardwork,  from being wise, and being so dedicated with what I do.

I tried a lot of online games and I've been involved in so much selling. The thing that made me survived in the gaming industry. My mom always discourage me but when she saw I got returns (money and recognition), she is now supporting whatever I do in life.

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I am more of a casual game player.

I used to be really big into World of Warcraft, but after I got married I realized that there were more important things in the world than spending all of my time immersed in a game.  

I think it is super important that I have that balance now.  Especially these days with everyone being addicted to games like Fortnite and things like that.

I will occasionally play Diablo 3 when I have some spare time and I play some games on my phone that are pretty much just mindless fun.

Every now and then I dust off some of the classics and I will play something like Civilization 3 or Might and Magic VI - VIII.  Those are pretty rare though.  On the super rare occasion, I will find my discs for Command and Conquer and play those.


When i'm playing solo i enjoy MMO's the most (because there are other players involved...)

When playing with friends i like strategy games or shooters!

What about u?


I am very competitive and try and learn all the tricks quite quickly. I love sports games as I can't play the single shooter games as it makes me feel sick.I have always had problems with my ears and think this could be the cause.

This limits me to sporting games like golf and motor racing which I do tire of after a while as they become too easy. it's funny as you rush out and get the new game and within a month or so there are no challenges left.

i wish there were some tournaments online then maybe I would take it up again. I don't know where i would find the time now as Steem has taken the games place and I think it is just as fun with more challenges. It's a real life game that rewards you at the same time.