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Would you like to be famous? If yes, what kind of celebrity would you like to be?

I think everyone to an extent desires fame. Everyone wants to be revered and seen as someone who is has achieved all that there is to be achieve. That's everyone except me.

I tend to think things very differently from the way others do. The things that get me others ticking doesn't push me the way it does others.

Quite alright, I'd like for people to be motivated when they think about me. I'd like for someone to say I'd love to be just like thus guy when I'm grown up. However, I don't like the attention that comes with being famous. If it were possible for someone to be famous and yet given space, I'd go for that.

I've watched tirelessly as lives after lives are torn apart just because the media won't let a person be after gaining recognition. I wouldn't want to that to happen. Being in the spotlight has too many disadvantages that sometimes I wonder if it's worth it. Have you taken a look at the lives of many celebrities? Many of them lack joy and peace. Everything they radiate is pretence. Their smiles don't come from their hearts and their body languages doesn't really mirror the lies they've tried to keep up with.

I'd like to be a celebrity in a quiet kind of way. The kind where I can walk into a grocery store and not be mobbed by a gang of fans who suddenly realize that one of their favorite persons is around.

I'd like to be that celeb who's allowed his space and given room to do what he wants without being judged.


I would be someone who is famous with brains. I would want to be like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. I think I can give more knowledge rather than be a person who performs things for the public to view which is something I lack nowadays. Being famous by being known for knowledge would lead to a more private life as no one would really be interested in how my life would be like. 

Imagine being a famous pop star. Recognize universally and I've thought about it and it's pretty scary. Every where you go there is always constantly a camera that views on what we're doing every single day and every single minute. 

If I am famous for creating new solutions for the world, I guess, this knowledge would spread this knowledge throughout the world and it would be of good use to the society. Bill Gates is one of my idols and so is Warren Buffet. Bill Gates inspires I guess lots of people to be programmers, philanthropist and many more. Those that are in the top ten position of Forbes list have what I would think are brilliant minds and they seem to be respected and left alone. Even when they go out, with bank accounts worth billions, we can't even imagine that they are actually worth that much. Look at how they dress. 

I would want to be a famous yet responsible person and a person who can spread the good to all of humanity. Nowadays, that's what I align my life to, help everyone I can. Educate as many as I can to make sure that the next generation of people would be better. I won't want the next generation to be worst off than the current generation. 


I have always wamted to achieve a lot of things, help others but i will rather do this in the background. I have never really been the kind of person that loves fame. Instead, i pity famous people simply because their life is so controlled and every move they make always seems to be watched. I really sometimes wonder if they can do anything without it featuring on the papers or magazine covers. They sacrifice a lot and sometimes are unable to do the things they would really love to.

I find no fun in that and that is just one reason I don't fancy fame at all. Also, i hate the fact to know that someone idolizes me. I have grown up to believe that nothing i do is by my power but by the grace of my God and that is why, at the end of the day, i want all glory to go to him. I want people to appreciate the real one doing all they think i am the one doing. Unfortunately, fame makes people pop up with pride, enjoying all the glory and praises they receive. Some even enjoy the fact that others worship them. The truth is, fame comes with a sense of pride that is difficult to put under control.

So, i don't want to be famous but i want to do what famous people do. Just that in my own case, i want to do this things behind the scenes with my status or identify unknown preferably.


I would not like to be famous because I am always a very simple woman ever since. I want to have a simple life and I wanted to be know as someone that helps to those who are needy. :) 


Become famous ?

There are still a lot of disadvantages and responsibilities to that.

It is a weight that can not necessarily be supported by all.

Personally, I do not think that I would like it.

If I became famous, it would be so in spite of myself.

Money does not interest me, what I earn is enough for me to live and enjoy a little.

The only advantage I would see at the celebrity might be to feel a little less alone.

To know that people think of me and appreciate me for what I am.

In any case, a life as empty of meaning and interest as mine is doomed to remain invisible to everyone.

It may not be worse besides ...