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What are the different ways to prevent migraine?
As a social scientist -I'm social, and I'm a scientist- I have many sets of questions that I ask different sets of people on a daily, weekly and sometimes, when I see a trend, monthly and, like this past winter, even seasonally!

All last winter I was asking Starbucks employees: Have you been experiencing migraines since beginning work here.
Usually other questions come with this one.
Stuff like: have you ever worked in retail/indoors before?

Lots of times, the answer was, no, this is my first job ever out of high school.

See, I already pretty much knew that if they were under say, 25, and just started working there, that they were going to be having sleep disruption as well as migraines.

And so, I can answer this question with one practice for you that will prevent migraines that many are experiencing these days when they never did, even a short time ago.

Next time you toto Starbucks...look up above the cash register.

Yep, up above the barista.

See those LED clusters? The ones pointed directly at them all day as they work there?

Yeah, get those this out of your life.

They are a main cause of the modern migraine.

Your phone and computer,tv, device of any kind, puts out the same type of light.

Getting a pair of blue blocking lenses for your eyes will be a start to your migraine free life.

Especially if you work in a super LED environment like Starbucks..

No wonder it takes 90 days for a new barista there to learn how to use the coffee machine. Yes, that's true at some locations.
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Some methods u have tried that worked for me include avoiding stress, taking lots of water, or a cup of ginger tea if I feel a migraine coming on.
As someone who also gets the occasional "migraine" or headache once in a while, I would strongly advice to know what triggers your headache and try your very best to avoid it.

Mine for example is, too strong scents, too bright lights, loud bass sounds, greasy foods and more. I just do my best to avoid being in a situation where I will encounter this things.
Migraine to many people have a different ways they controls it but to my little knowledge is not a medicine issues.
When it strikes is as if the head will be pulled out.

Follow this few steps listed below and a positive result will be the answer

- Rest is needed
- A glass of water plays a role
- Avoid taking alcohol
- Massage is needed
- Yoga is the perfect exercise needed
Treating Headaches Normally Without Medications

Everybody would concur that a typical cerebral pain requires only a pill or two and a brisk rest. In any case, headaches are not that simple. Headache sufferers need to experience a great deal of agony and furthermore excessively numerous medications. In any case, in all actuality these medications not just have symptoms like sickness, ulcers and so on yet in addition they don't help. The answer for that isn't simply to move to normal fixes however first to comprehend what to do when you have a headache assault and to know why such an assault really exists. The overstimulation of the nerves in the cerebrum makes them discharge a concoction which brings about aggravation and swelling in the nerves of neck and mind additionally prompting enormous torment. Thus here are the approaches to address it normally without drugs.

Exercise: Concentrates everywhere throughout the world have sufficiently demonstrated confirmation that individuals who frequently work out or are associated with a type of physical exercise; have a tendency to have lesser headache assaults. And furthermore they don't have any symptoms that the general population who take medications have. Direct exercise have a tendency to decrease weight and reduce the pressure, consequently lesser headache assaults.

Vitamin B12: This is a vital vitamin which is required to treat headache. It diminishes the occurrences of headache and is known as the best preventive treatment. Best characteristic sustenance hotspots for this vitamin are liver, eggs, low fat drain, yogurt, broccoli, spinach, almonds and so forth