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Why of all the coins, bitcoin has the highest value?
The simplest explanation is that Bitcoin came first with the first real working decentralized cryptocurrency. Bitcoin idea did not come first. Nick-Bitgold and way more before it had the same design type as Bitcoin. What bitcoin did was the first one to be decentralised, fair distribution and a way to solve double spending problem. So yeah what the other question said are true. Bitcoin was first. But it more than just being first, it also evolving.
When people were talking about Bitcoin using outdated tech-they always point to 2017 where bitcoin fees where high. However that year was when segwit-a key component to a tech that would make Bitcoin evolve was being added and fought over. Bitcoin had this problem bc Bitcoin was to big. While a huge portion of Bitcoin wanted segwit-there were rival groups with big bags. It took a split aka where BCh was formed for segwit to be added to Bitcoin. This upgrade aka segwit would help Bitcoin gain the power of the LN. LN would help bitcoin solve most of the problems that altcoins claim to solve.
Here a video that explain the LN: https://youtu.be/rrr_zPmEiME
In the LN you can make tokens and do complex Eth smart contracts as well.

Bitcoin has the largest community possible with the most global reach. Bitcoin has the most brand name. Bitcoin has the most developers and contrary to popular belief incentives working on Bitcoin. Learn about it here: https://youtu.be/i2GQhQsePkI

Hope my answer helped.
Because the market doesn't make sense. Ever heard of the Hype Cycle? When Bitcoin was first made known to the public (when the prce shot up 5x to $200, and then 5x to $1000, so on). Bloggers and News reporters rush in to talk high heavens about how bitcoin is the next money grab.

Bitcoin is the only thing stupid money knows about. Stupid Money, money from people that doesnt really know what they are putting it into.

Bitcoin is worth so much not because its a true reflection it's value. But speculation.

Bitcoin is undervalued, yet highly overpriced. If you understand this you'd know why the price of Bitcoin doesnt matter.
Bitcoin is the founder currency and holds the majority shares in the crypto world. Market dominance of bitcoin is around 32-35% of total crypto currency volume.
Secondly the major founder holders of bitcoin will not release their holding so easily.
There are about 1900 plus crypto currencies and no other coin has such a huge dominance. Therefore, all the crypto market follows the Bitcoin.
Some of the coins are getting trust of the investors are these coins. With increases dominance of other coins in future we may expect that crypto market will not be dependent on one single coin but for this we have to wait for a long time.
I don't believe Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency, but rather that the reason why it's the most popular/valuable one is because it was the first one. All blockchain and cryptocurrencies are essentially made as a response to Bitcoin, and all of them try to improve over the original. It's still proving difficult to beat the original, despite it having some big flaws that are solved by other blockchains. So in short; it's the first cryptocoin.


It has the advantage of being the first one, it sits on old but strong tech, has probably the biggest community and garnered interest in investing first.
Bitcoin is the mother currency of all the coins and if we relate this in our real life example with our family mother has more value than anyone in our family so the concept behind this was established in 2009 and first the mother came as the name of BITCOIN and then after their children came with the name of ALT-COINS so i think there is highest value of bitcoin.

Furthermore, the second reason behind the highest value of bitcoin as it was established in 2009 and the value for bitcoin was 0.20$ and due to low market cap it has only 21 million of supply and it is at the 1st rank where no other decentralize coins were in market so the total investment was at one coin name bitcoin and the price increased like it was happen before to the gold.

Nest reason for the highest value of the bitcoin is all ICO and other tokens where under one cryptocurrency before 2 years now a days ETH is very know for the same as it is the follower of bitcoin and due to most ICO and tokens under bitcoin to join this ICO we need to buy bitcoins and if the project was good everyone was likely to invest and the price was increased and today it is at 1st rank of market cap.
Well bitcoin is not the coin with the highest value but 42coin is. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/42-coin/ I believe enough has been said about bitcoin but I just wanna let you know 42 has the highest value but lack Investors
Bitcoin is the first decentralized coin and it was found by Satoshi and no one knew proper about Bitcoin but in 2017 when the price started to bull then we all see that Bitcoin price is increasing and we all know about the Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the father of all coins because Bitcoin was launched first after that there were several coins comes in the market.with the help of Bitcoin people can buy other cryptocurrency .so you can know the importance of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin only we can buy several cryptocurrency in exchanges such as binance,bittrex,okex,cryptopia and many more exchanges are there.due to the price suddenly increases increases seeing people started to buying Bitcoin and keep for near future.

So Bitcoin price is highest then other cryptocurrency .due to trade in Bitcoin we see a huge price wakes up at everyday.so all coins neglect Bitcoin had less price than Bitcoin.