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We leave in a world where wealth distraction is very unfair. Only 10% people are accumulating 90% wealth. And other half is struggling for bread and butter every day. So eradicating hunger from the world is a challenge and nearly possible.

Totally eradicating hunger from the world needs much initiative and international policy level step-ups. It's not a matter of individual initiative. But we can take steps from our part to reduce it. 

There is a saying that, "if you feed one hungry man, you are feeling the whole human kind". So we should take care what we can from our ability. 

But eradicating hunger maybe not possible totally. But reducing is really possible, I believe so. There are thousands projects around the globe which is helping to reduce the hunger a little bit. We have to approve that it is not enough. 

If we can take initiative to distribute the wealth fairly then there is a light of hope. But as we all know how hard it would be as those who accumulating the wealth is not in the mentality to the poor rather doubling their money. 

So it's better to take initiative from our end and make path for a better world this way.


It's not possible. Unless there was a way to slow down human population growth and increase food production while implementing better distribution of resources, there is no way to eradicate hunger in the world. Even if you improve food distribution, there is still a problem of population explosion surpassing how much we can produce versus what we consume as a whole race.