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Do you have any personal suggestions on how to improve and secure the steemit experience?
i got to thinking ... and when that happens it happens (answer in answer and on steemit @rudyardcatling) please do comment your opinions
This seems to quickly become my favourite way of communicating on the steem blockchain ... maybe especially since it posts to both steemit and here at once ? If it could do to minds.com at the same time would be even more awesome.

But i'm not super-software-engineer-man so that browser plugin will have to be done by someone else.


I spend a bit of time on discord every day and yesterday and the day before as i discussed an issue with someone who's services i use on steemit it came to me : communication, business - client isnt really all that.

You can send messages around for 0.001SBD but that requires people to actively check their account history PLUS hoping they dont automatically filter out what many consider spam. You can hope people check all their mentions but i think thats something only witnesses might do , ... half the time if they got time, because they got something to gain, right ?

Those people said it was posted on their blog and frankly its the best they can do other than hope you are constantly watching on discord and checking all your private messages all the time so


i got to thinking (i get that sometimes ...)

- i dont have the inclination and when it takes off definitely not the time to go check every single blog i'm involved with on the dot to see if there's any issues anywhere
- the would be complete fools to send messages around the blockchain even at 0.001SBD that's still a dollar for every 1000 clients you have (im imagining facebook numbers now, its best not to think backward when it comes to these things and i feel it's already a hassle for all involved parties the way it is)

- they can't be expected to be awake 24 hours seven days unless they're an actual company in which case i know about ... ONE that has 24/7 free support (yes, i do, they're called combell ... belgian host service)

so what is there to do ? i want what i paid for and i'm quite sure they want happy customers

so my idea is the solution would be an extra application, a very small one that runs behind the same UI, but NOT on the blockchain

*why not on the blockchain?*

well because its not necessary, there's no need to keep record of notifications since they only relate to the very moment when an issue arises or clients need to be notified (not spammed but get to that in a moment)

Maybe best if i try to explain what i see, as i said @timcliff there i'm not a software engineer so i try to find an opening to people who are AND are involved at pantheon-level here

the way i see it what would be extremely useful , especially as but not necessarily restricted to , customer service is a very small application in a very small spot with a very small icon that highlights when you get a notification

by default @steemit would be allowed (for obvious reasons, think of the last DOS-attack , which turned out to be what ? some guy trying to power up by withdrawing negative amounts ? A+ for creativity, leaves a lot of people guessing however) ... your little icon would highlight afterwards or during saying "please check our blog for bla etc f00+bar enz" it doesnt even have to be tweetsized. The account handle can sit in a serverside database (or something, like i said im not the engineer linked in a simple table, users (senders) would need verification before they can use it, for obvious (i hope) reasons . Not obvious ? well if you want to use it you need to register and SHOW that your are running an ACTIVE service, not advertise "that you will be soon" , that's one thing to prevent spam

by now you should the benefits here, with minimal rackspace and minimal network load, everyone who runs an "active service" on the steem chain can use it to notify their clients. If the ID's are linked the table itself is negligible in space, if the messages are tweet or lower size, network load is absolutely minimal AND since they don't need to be kept serverside, rackspace is even absolutely-er minimaller ::))

See ... i dont have to actively go checking every single blog of everything i'm linked into, i dont have to go on discord and wait for someones timezone to happen, the service-PROVIDER can do it as easy as it is in 1-2-3 to do a batch of operations from a list in a flatfile with steempy (steempy, you know ? link), network load is minimal, it doesnt even touch the blockchain

USERS would have to ALLOW their service providers to actually send messages while providers need to registers (so not everyone can just use it to send *lalala* and *hahaha* because that would be obvious DDOS-bait , no haxxer could resist that, well i dont call those people haxxers really, flooding a system with requests is not really a hack is it ?

i don't know if this actually needs more explanation, someone who mastered in software engineering should get the picture and can probably code this in a 12 hour hackaton or less

result : efficiency, customer service improved, easy access, no spam, negligible use of resources (i mean how much tweets can you store on a 1TB ssd ? that's a LOT and you dont need to store them , or you don't HAVE to, you COULD, to make sure the client doesnt delete the cookie or something but you dont HAVE to, and people who pay for services would certainly pay attention to it of that i have no doubt)

result : everybody happy

(oh dear, no i'm not gonna do that, please DONT vote for me as witness because i dont wanna, but if you accidentally dump a million delegated SP in my lap i won't sue you for it (haha haa ha, lol im so funny, right?)

yes well frankly my dear, sometimes i feel everyone is so gung-ho on the chain they forgot simple solutions are the best, hybrid technology WOAW ! no , seriously, i think its a good idea and i dont think it should be that hard to implement or host ? i mean there's plenty of cryptonnaires in the pantheon here who could lose that money while taking out their hankey, right?

and yes, i do feel it should be an integrated part of the steemit UI (or busy if that's yo thang), not an optional browser plugin, its always one more plugin, one more this one more that and thats REALLY annoying (isnt it ?)

im 99.9% sure the present state of web-development perfectly allows bits and chunks to be incorporated and or left out of pages before pushing it towards certain accounts, because not everyone would need it since its limited userbase and people who dont use services dont need it, if they dont need it even if its an 8x8 icon, it doesnt need to clutter up the screen, but yea, integrated, not plugin

What I did was allot at least 1-2 hours per day on Steemit

Steemit (or any other steem platforms) not only requires "decent to exceptional contents" but also "constant" social interactions.

In order for anyone to improve his/her Steem experience, one must go out of their comfort zone and start to interact with other fellow steemians with more or less the same interests as yours.

From what I've seen, people who don't bother visiting other people's blog are often unsuccesfull here on Steem
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invest your time in it. the more time you invest in steemit the better your results are. dont do it for money, do it for engagement. its an emerging community of likeminded people and its fun to engage with other people, reading their posts and sharing experiences.

cant say much about security. steemit has not been hacked since i started using it and if you keep your keys safe and dont use share computers or internet you should be good.
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I believe that steemt should create a feature
Whereby the reputation score of a steemit user
Can also determine how much their upvotes
Will worth because it is not every steemit users
That have the capital to buy plenty steempower
Or to lease huge steempower

Some steemit users have good contents that is
Very good for the steemit platform and some
People would really have loved to upvote
Such good contents but they cannot do that
Because their upvotes is not effective due to
Their low steempower

That is why in many situations we do see some people create worthless contents and they still
Get alot of upvotes just because they have
Friends with plenty steempower or some just easily create another steemit account and Buy
Steempower to the account then used the account to upvote contents created by their alternative accounts which is not good for the steemit platform
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my experience is very remember until now that the first time the list of steemit does not save the password steemi account. so I hope you all do not get such an incident.

And many experiences for me have not been there yet I often study the steemit from the community and individuals who are already great in the field of steemit.

The offer from steemit is great for us besides being able to write with the edge also give good effect to our brain dikarnakan we often write or take good picture if we post about photography.
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Steemit is one of the best platform for blogging and sharing our views and blogs like wise i was doing the same thing with my another account due to my 1 mistake i have been flushed out from this platform. I had forget my recovery password and my laptop was not getting on so till date its is not repair and my earning was gone so i better suggest to keep your password and private key safe so that you can recover your account .
The thing that is expected by everyone when entering in the world of steemit is a large income or income above average. However, behind all it needs to face various kinds of problems and rules that apply.
In improving your reputation in steemit you also have to know how the steemit works, in this case not as easy as a hand in the world of steemit. But the key in your steemit should be read in every article that there is, maybe this is one of the safe path for you.
Say first to get into steemit do not know anything but with the passage of time alhamdulillah now has been getting a little bit up from reputation until the results that I get.

Do you have personal advice on how to improve and secure a steemit experience?
this time I want to answer the question in his speech, before I answer the points of his question. I want to ask you all. Is it with a million experiences in the world of steemit you become a successful person?

ok now i give a little input to the beginner steemian first in order to become the spirit of being steemian consistent or professional. You are now ranked at the bottom of even get nothing from steemit. This is the story of life sometimes we are sometimes above. Do not despair there jaln much to the success of friends.

which you need to do in your stemit every day to make a good post and meaningful to others. do not abstinence surrender continue to work certainly one day you will feel the results.And for steemitan who has become a whale continue to pursue the work of all systems in steemit or other things related to steemit dikarna kan day the system is always changing.
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Improving the steemit experience can be done by
first of all ensuring that all creators of good contents benefit more from steemit while we find

a system that can discourage spammers on
steemit,i believe that the activities of a steemian should be used to determine the worth of their

upvotes so that spammers will not be able to buy
Steempower and use it to get undeserve upvotes

while a creator with good contents gets absolutely nothing
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Improving Steemit can be done when we have more contests and people will write their heart out.
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I suggest getting on discord and stedm.chat and netowrking around a bit. The more people know you the better off you are. That is how you gain followers and upvotes.