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How often do you use Facebook and why?

I hate Facebook. Months ago I made a post vowing that I was going to stop using Facebook and tried to persuade all of my friends to join Steemit. I was unsuccessful. 

Even before that failure, I decided I had to keep my account for messaging purposes- as if someone really needed to get ahold of me- that might be their only option. So, even going into my "quitting Facebook" announcement I was already going back on my word. And, sure enough, none of my friends joined Steemit and I now find myself mindlessly checking Facebook almost daily just to see if anyone needed to get in contact with me. 

Sadly, I am still using Facebook this much just because everyone in my community is. Everyone is afraid to leave it. Maybe I'm guilty of that too, but I don't use it. And as often as I can, I preach to people about why they should leave it in favor of something less evil. But my words fall on deaf ears- either that or they agree, but are unwilling to make the change. Yet.

I still have a lot of faith that in the next year or so, that will change dramatically. Even aside from the social use, I use it for a lot of trade/sell/swap/buy type groups in my area. The algorithm completely screws those groups up and I try to explain to them that we could create a page for our area simply for that purpose somewhere else. However, with those people the problem lies in the fact that most people from my area are still learning about the concept of the internet; and "blockchain" is a terrifying word to them.

I am trying to ween off facebook as much as possible. Unfortunately for me, if I am ever going to stop using it entirely, that means my peers also stopping it's use. I think the next year will bring about a lot of changes *fingers crossed*


Currently I do not use Facebook at all and have not been in years. To begin with, I am not the type of person who likes to share his photos (provided that i did take any at all) with people on the internet. Moreover I do not chat with people that much through the internet people; being the timid person that I am. The only reason that I used to open Facebook a long while ago was for its games. Things that hooked me at first are now shut, things like restaurant city a game where you played some brain puzzles and it graded you through things ranging from a caveman to alien being etc...

Also the news-feed in Facebook for the lack of any term for it (I honestly do not remember what it is called) was riddled with posts that tried to force you to like through pity, fear (things like if you do not like or share this thing would visit you tomorrow that captures naive little users) and low quality posts. that reaching something beneficial or related to what you seek is scarce.

Thus, I was able to move past Facebook and its nefarious ways about 5-6 years ago. and have recently deleted my account for good. However it is now creeping on me as, I need to use it in a job, and I need to be connected to a certain Facebook page related a teacher so I do not miss any announcements homework etc...

As a result, I plan to make a new Facebook account that would not befriend anyone. It wont even add any personal data or anything. just for me to be able to access the needed pages and tools that Facebook provides. And i wont let anything get on my news-feed that is not content from the aforementioned page or that is job related only that. 


Generally, I use Facebook on Wednesdays and Sundays. The reason solely is that my church always has Wednesday and Sundays services. So I ,together with some members of the technical team, login into the Facebook account of the church and setup the live-stream feature of Facebook so that members who were unable to make it to church or visitors would be able to join us and watch the ongoing service  from the comfort of their homes, offices, and workplaces. Aside this. I basically have no purpose of logging into Facebook. It's either I'm surfing on Steemit, Musing, or something else but Facebook.


I probably look at FAcebook a couple of times a day - more out of habit than actually looking for anything inparticular. The design of Facebook and other social media is 'seductive' and addictive, so I think many people use it alot more than they actually realise. I have deleted the app, and often sign out on my phone so I physically have to sign back in again to use it.

The main reason I stay on Facebook is to keep up with family updates, although I am finding it more and more full of junk, advertising and irrelevant posts. I am finding it more and more beneficial just to talk to people on the phone


I do not use Facebook as often as I used to before. Now I log in Facebook once a week. Many people are still on Facebook. This is the truth. My friends and classmates are there. I have to use Facebook to keep in touch with my old friends. 

After joining Steemit, I don't have much time for Facebook. Steemit is an amazing platform that you can use. And there are many fantastic platforms that built on top of steem blockchain. For example, Musing. You can ask any question here or you can give answers to other people's questions.

Blockchain is a new thing. This is the second generation of the internet. Most people do not find it easy to understand first. The way everything is moving from centralized system to decentralized system, it just takes some time. We will see a huge shift in it. Then I will not have to go on Facebook to keep in touch with my friends because they will be here.

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Once or twice a day,  Still vividly remember the day of 2010 when I had joined Facebook,the platform was far different from now. I always thank Facebook for bringing me to the Internet world, possibly the www.facebook.com is the first site I have signed in/up in my life. I was on my otter pleasure for making friends and talking with them from all over the world. The number of Facebook users was much less than now, I can remember that I had only 200 to 300 Facebook friends and I could clearly recognise all of them. Time went on and we had reached in the year 2015, face already has made so many changes in it including a huge number of users. My friend list was also keep growing and very early of 2015 it had compleat 5000 friends. Having that I was so happy and very soon I created some more accounts. I can still feel that I had felt after completing 100K flowers in our meme page, like "I'm successful now!"

From the middle of 2015, Facebook had started showing adds and it was increasing badly day after day, at the same time I was leaving my teenage as well as loosing interests on Facebook mainly for the monotonous adds and activities. By the end of 2016, I lost my interests on Facebook and added some admins to my page. Next I moved to YouTube and still working on my channel.

After a long time, I joined another interesting platform called STEEMIT followed by Steemhunt, Musing atc. in 2018 those lead me to forget Facebook completely.

Facebook still is the largest social media platform in the world with about more than 2.2 billion active users and growing day by day. This American platform was built by Mark Zuckerberg with his fellow collegeous on 4th Feb, 2014. Along with more than 30,000 employees it has some subsidiary sites/apps like Instagram, Whatsapp act. The Facebook head office is based in California, America and serves all over the world excluding some banned countries.

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Facebook In daily activities it is very important to me. Facebook is the most widely used social network compared to other friendship sites.

I use it almost every day both in my spare time while relaxing, even I use it for work

Facebook is a very effective promotional media. I myself have used it by using the Indovisual Presentatama page as a place to promote my site. if I don't use it what about the fate of my friends my online consumer who depend on Facebook, we always chat with this application

Because of that I can't stop playing the Facebook application


Truth is facebook is like a genesis, I began my online endeavours using facebook you know? The truth is I can't stop using facebook, I doubt many people who want to stop it can stop.

As for me I use it because it's still a place where I connect with friends who I haven't seen in a long time.

I at least use facebook three hours a day because I use it to update my knowledge of the things that are happening with people, their social lives and everything as well.

I'll still continue using it because it's a necessary evilcwe can't run from


I use Facebook everyday but nearly as much as I used to.

I remember some years ago. I would wake up and the first thing to checking would be Facebook inbox if there was a waiting message. Then, I will go through my feed to see stuffs about people. It was like an obsession. I didn't want to be left out. I wanted to be in the know about what was trending, where and why.

I burned data subscription watching people's videos and I wasn't satisfied.

That's something about Facebook. It gives a false sense about reality. You see people posts pictures and videos about themselves and you begin to react, thinking the world has gone ahead of you. In most cases, that's not true.

I came to realize that people would only put on Facebook what I they've could afford others to see ; the fake smile, the borrowed clothes, posing in front of cars and gates that don't belong to them. It's all for the sake of trying to 'belong'.

Since I knew this, things have changed. I only go on Facebook now once a day to pass information to those who I can only reach through that means and to check messages. There's no fun anymore doing those things.

Steemit was actually the eye opener. Steemit made me see we were putting money in the pockets of already rich people, making ourselves poorer in the process.

Well, the mould has been removed from my eyes and I see clearly now.