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Why are some people envious of others success?

Feeling envious

Have you at any point asked yourself for what good reason a man may feel desirous of one of his companions and not of a VIP who is more mainstream?

Truly there are heaps of situations where individuals begrudge superstars however for what reason don't individuals feel as envious towards them as they feel towards the individuals who work with them?

In addition, have you seen that an architect can infrequently wind up envious of an effective specialist while he can turn out to be extremely desirous of another fruitful designer who works with him, what is that about??

envy and rivalry

The response to these inquiries are straightforward, we just feel desirous when we surmise that we are in an immediate rivalry with the individual we are envious of.

The person who feels desirous when one of his coworkers is applauded by the director is really anxious of losing the advancement to that contender.

The man who feels envious when his better half converses with other men is anxious about the possibility that that one of the other men wins the opposition and takes his significant other from him. In a connections the sentiments of envy can make your relationship accomplice awkward and can bring about completion the relationship.

In the event that you are desirous of a film star then most presumably you are worried about the possibility that that he catches the consideration and win the hearts of your companions and of the individual you like. In the event that you thought of the connection among you and the motion picture star as an opposition for consideration then you will clearly feel desirous of him.

Envy and shortcoming

Is envy an indication of shortcoming? Indeed as a rule it is.

You will never feel envious of somebody except if you believe that he is an intense contender and except if you are scrutinizing your own capacity to beat him.

The more envious you feel towards a man the more feeble you think you are contrasted with him. On the off chance that somebody continued talking in the face of your good faith and continued saying awful things in regards to you at that point don't feel terrible in light of the fact that by and large this can be viewed as a verbal admission that you are superior to him.

In the event that you wound up feeling envious of other individuals at that point think of it as an opportunity to begin changing things about yourself as opposed to censuring or detesting them.


Well it's human nature to want what you don't have, one of the core principles of economics is that human want is insatiable. It's only natural to envy someone who's successful or better yet, more successful than you are and this is because he/she has more than you do.

When you see someone that's more successful than you are, you can react in 3 ways

1: Be happy for them: These days, this has become the least popular reaction because most people don't want anybody to do better than they are

2. Envy them: From time immemorial, even dating as far back as Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, human beings have always envied people who are doing better than them, simply because we want to do better than everyone else. People that envy others often don't want the people they envy to do badly or not be successful, they just want to be more successful than they are.

3. Be passive about it: Some people just don't care and whether or not you're more successful than they are doesn't matter to them. They'll go on living their lives like as if nothing happened.


Exactly the question I am asking myself all over again... But, whatever someone does that is considered a bad behavior, the root of that is in EGO. EGO is our worst enemy and we are not thought enough in our schools as a kid about the topic of EGO. 

EGO kills humanity, in one sentence. It literally destroys everything around you and making you feel better about it. It seems not that logical that you can do that, but EGO is that powerful. I know it's hard to see your EGO, and for someone, it's even hard to admit that they have EGO, but it's the ''thing'' we need to first learn about so that we can fight against. 

So, my blame falls to educational system that is shaping our kids into same boxes, killing creativity, not teaching kids about emotional intelligence and not teaching them about the EGO... and many other things...


Having a wrong perspective of success is one of the reasons that makes some people envious of others success. Having a certain amount of money or wealth or social status is a success. Frankly speaking, that's not the right definition of success. If you are happy and do what you love, you are successful. Happiness is the KPI of success. If you are successful in the eye of society, but you are unhappy, do you call that success?

Comparing yourself with other is another reason of being envious of others success. Some people always compare themselves with others and that puts them in a vulnerable position. They have insecurity. When they see others success, they cannot take it positively and become envious.

Having wrong mind is one of reasons that we see some people are envious of others success. Judging yourself based on other people opinions is not a good thing. Stop judging yourself. Everybody has shortcoming. Focus on your strength.

If you take it for granted what you have, you will regret later when you lose that. Be happy for what you have. Some people are not happy for what they and become envious of others success.



Envy is an instinctive feeling experienced by every human being. Buunk (2012) argues that envy is a response to others who have the success, success, skills and quality of life that we want.

Sometimes jealousy can grow in a nearby environment such as a family where brother and sister can emerge social jealousy. Or for example envy can happen to see friends own what we don't have.

A study by taking data through questionnaires and interviews shows that most people are dishonest in answering whether they feel jealous or do not see the success of others. However, in a meeting between clients and psychologists, it was found that the actual disorder that appeared was often triggered by jealousy or social jealousy that was not easily recognized.

I observe the social trends that occur, why do easy people feel jealous of the success of others? Even though we say "No, I'm not jealous! "Actually there is a part of a small heart that is instinctively jealous of others.


This is common. People compare themselves to others because of vanity and bitterness. Pride? Yes. But I guess the most obvious reason why people envy on other's success is greed. They want to be in the position where they want to experience that feeling.

It is a human nature and a very common trait for people who are evil. They got envy because they want to be in the position. They got envy because they feel they deserve it more than you. They got envy most importantly because they are evil. Their hearts are filled with hatred and bitterness.

Success is defined by a person's hard work and a little bit of luck. If they fail to achieve that, they start worrying on the things around. They wish to be the person as they want, but they fail to achieve it that's why they got envy on people who achieved success in life - simply because they failed to achieve it.

One advice, be passive. Don't dwell on their shits. Focus on your life and they're just a little stumbling blocks that hinders your way. Be focused and stay in line with your goals.


It is normal to feel a little sad or worried when you see others all around you making it big in their respective fields in life and you just seem to be stagnant. It is such a saddening feeling that gradually develops but if it is not controlled, you begin too desirous of what they have and jealousy comes in crowning the whole envy thing which is really unhealthy..

People turn to be envious of others out of sheer jealousy to see others making it and not them. This is very vommon in humans nowadays as jealousy has been the character of the day that friends became so jealous of their friends that they even end up harming them. Envy and jealousy are two things that floe together and where you find one, the other's presence is not a doubt.

Also, so many people have been pushed to be envious of others because of pressure imposed by their families, loved ones and society on them. Many people out there who were content and leading content lives have turned to be envious as a result of pressure imposed on them by the society. It is common to see how parents lash out on their cgildren comparing them to their other mates who are very successful. These only mounts pressure on such children and only promotes envying in them.