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How/when did you find out that Santa Claus isn't real?
To me it was a big shoc as I was one of the dumb kids who actually went all out and placed the cookies and milk on the table for him to eat as he comes. That night, some strange noise woke me up and I wen't out of my room to see what's going on and I was faced with my parents wrapping up the gifts Santa was supposed to bring me Who or what bursted your bubble?

I don't remember ever actually thinking that he was real but I do remember imagining him walking through the wind and snow to deliver the presents. 

I never thought he was real but I never thought he was not real ether. I always said I didn't believe in him but I would still write him letters every year, and get surprised how he guessed what I wanted for Christmas. I didn't believe in him but every year as I got my desired present, I would question his existence and start to think he might be real. 

And with all the Christmas movies every year, who wouldn't want to believe in Santa Claus? But one year I was misbehaving some time around Christmas and my mother told me that If I would misbehave, Santa isn't going to get me any presents. I was a wild child so I didn't care and my bad behavior continued  until Christmas day. 

When I woke up on the Christmas morning, I was feeling grumpy and rebellious. I knew that I wasn't getting any presents that year so I was mad and sad at the same time so I decided to apologize for my behavior in the past few days. My parents were forgiving, but so was the "Santa" apparently.  Even though there were no presents addressed to me under the tree in the morning, after my apology, they magically appeared. 

That was enough to conclude that he is just not real, and the Santa is actually my parents.  I wasn't heartbroken because, like I said, I already had some doubts. I think I was 7 or 8 at the time, or maybe 9, I don't really remember.


When I saw two Santa Claus at the same time. We were told many things back then. One of them is Santa Claus popularly known as Father Christmas. We all believed then until I saw two different father Christmas the same day. I was surprised and related to my parents who spilled the truth.


I did really believe that Santa Claus was real when I was a kid.

During christmas I always hang a sock on our christmas tree and every morning there's money inside it.

And then one time when I was a bit older than before, i got curios as to how santa could come in since we do not have a chimney. So I waited and waited and viola--- it turned out that the one placing money on my sock was my dear uncle. He lived with us once in a while, he did not get married and so he was very fond of our family.

Well instead of throwing a fit because santa isn't real, i was touched and thought my uncle was really the best. He was indeed the Santa for me.


Proudly a Nigerian and we Nigerian kids back then didn't believe anything like Santa Claus. Although it is popularly known as father Christmas here. Although we didn't really really know but we knew that it was fake.

I remember how my and I will be watching TV an see all those American kids praying and talking to Santa and we will then be like "I they say they are smart "