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Will AI ever become so advanced that it will be able to predict future?

We are already there. AI can already predict the future.

It just depends on how you define 'future'.

AI has become intelligent enough to predict that if you visit these three we pages, your next click will most probably be there. Or it is intelligent enough to see traffic around it, predict an accident, and manouvre around it in such a way as it has predicted that no accidents will happen if it does that.

But it will not be intelligent enough any time soon to predict the future of everything over the next 500years...


Well, where can I start.

First, we're already there. A couple of months ago I wrote an AI that can predict the winner of a football game, and that was a simple one. So that can already exist.

Second, you now probably want to know of how detailed and what type of future AI's can predict, and the answer is, as detailed and any future that you want.

But why is it that we don't have that already. Well, let me explain how a self learning AI works,  but I will try to explain it without complex mathematics.

A self learning AI is build by 3 things. Input, calculations, output. In that order. Now what happens is, they get an input that is always in numbers. For example, color blue, we give it the number 2. This numbers aren't set, it is just giving so the computer can make the calculations. You can give it number 3 or even 0.5646, whatever you want. 

That number goes into calculations, for example, if we take blue as 2. The calculations might be, (blue)2*5/4=2.5. So the output becomes this 2.5. Now you have your desirable output, that might be 3. Now by complex backwards calculations, the computer changes the initial calculations. Now it is for example (blue)2*5.1/3.8=. Until it finally gets 3. That is how a self learning AI learns.

But as you can see, it is all calculations. A very simple AI might do a million calculations a second. Now, if you want to predict the future in details. You will need beast of computer to do those calculations fast enough to keep the prediction still in our lifetime.

So to answer your question simply. We will have those AI's, when we have the computers that can handle all those massive calculations.

And if you read all of that, thanks, because I tend to babble a lot about AI, it is kind of my passion, I love those mathematical brain computers that can do everything.


All intelligence at all levels is about predicting the future to a large degree. Humans are very much predictors of the future. That's all we really do. We spot or are taught regularities in what goes on in the world and adapt to them. 

But I suspect you mean whether or not AI will become so advanced that it will be able to predict future events in such accuracy as to feel uncanny to humans. My answer is that, yes, it is possible and even probable. To predict the future behavior of a complex system requires a deep level of understanding it. That's what intelligence excels at. For AI to reach superhuman levels, it needs to develop a lot but that comes down to computing power, memory and bandwidth. The price of those three has been dropping exponentially for the last century or so and there have been several paradigm shifts already. I don't think integrated circuits etched on a silicon disc will be the last and the most powerful computing substrate to be invented. There are several possibilities such as optical circuits, graphene transistors or biological circuits to serve as more powerful substrates. One should not forget quantum computing as one way to solve complex problems extremely fast and efficiently.  I think we will be seeing mind-blowing advances in AI in the coming decades.


To find out, we will need to invent another AI to predict the answer to this question 😹


Dan Brown has a new book out called 'Origin ' which delves into this. It is well worth a read.