Should I succumb from my partner?
I think that's a pretty odd question to ask on a public forum to get answers from total strangers who don't know anything about you, your partner, or your situation at all and its not quite clear either.

What do you mean by partner?

business partner ? sports buddy ? after work drinking partner ? husband ? wife ? lesbian girlfriend ? gay boyfriend ? romantic partner ? steady sexual partner? the person you have secret meetings with behind everybody's back because you just love the thrill ?

what do you mean by succumb ? "Obey!"? , let them tell you what to wear? clean up everything after them ? succumb "in bed" to all their wishes ?

Is it an abusive relationship ? domestic violence ? A strongwilled person ? or a conservative man / woman who has had pre-set ideas about how things work in a (should be romantic) relationship ?

Maybe something you should discuss with close friends in private, people who know you and people you can trust and personally

i don't think there's an answer to that, these things are defined culturally mostly , which in practical terms comes down to geolocation but seeing as migration has never been at a scale as it is in the present day you will get enclaves with different cultures in a lot of places that have different norms (norms are not values, values are shared a lot more over different culturespaces than norms ... there's a huge similarity between fundamentalist christians , or extremist conservative nationalists or fundamentalist moslims because they are in fact linked by the conservative bit, not divided by the religion or location or race ... norm is not values, values is not norms so)

it's cultural but mostly it is personal, i don't think anyone should be telling you what to do with it because its you who has to make the choice

classic cliché like some housewives LIKE being housewives, they dont need to be all empowered into megacareers like that and they don't ask for it, some women LIKE their guy to be macho or badass and in some abusive relationships if you get in the middle of a fight , both people will turn on YOU before continuing the ruckus amongst themselves.

There is rarely a one-size fits all answer to anything but mathematical questions and theorems

but i really dont think you should ask for personal advice of that level on a public forum, even if you are anonymous.

but i wont stop you, and i doubt the people from musing will stop you either

free for all ....
I think question asked is incomplete.
For better opinion you should have given the reasons as to why you want to succumb.
What are the demanded of your partner?
Are the demands are legal or ethical?
Is it the last option?
Is there any way to convince your partner?
Should I give up from my partner?
for what you give up from your partner. in fact you've got a partner. while we and others dilursana are looking for a partner. appreciate what you've got, keep him if he's the best for you.
make him a garden in your life do not conceal a chance with him to live the next life
count the pros and cons, make a decision based on that and go for what you have decided ;)
Having a partner, life feels more beautiful and comfortable. Surely lah yes, right now there are people who can accompany and share the story with you anytime. But be careful loh, if not maintained properly may be romantic relationship aground in the middle of the road. What do you need to do to keep the seeds of love in the face of many challenges?
Maintaining Relationship Through the Communication Pattern
1. Create a Convenient Communication Pattern
Any relationship that can survive is usually supported by a good communication pattern. Talk to your spouse about what most communication patterns make you comfortable when you can not meet directly. Because sometimes the medium of communication that is less fit can make a conversation with a partner would be burdensome.

Choose the most enjoyable communication pattern. Whether it's via SMS, LINE, Whatsapp, Skype or phone conversations. Decide together on what kind of communications you can most openly chat with. That way, communication with the couple will feel more relaxed and will not be a scourge.

2. Create an effort to communicate with your partner
Sometimes the busyness and obligation make it difficult to take the time to simply contact the couple. Nothing wrong with the couple rarely contact if you do not have time. But, it would be better if you show the effort to keep knowing the news.


Spend 1-2 minutes each morning to greet your partner. No need to long or flowery, just just say it's nice day. This simple thing can make you position yourself as an important part of each other's life. Because you are the first person to reach every morning.

3. Describe your schedule of activities
Misunderstanding about the schedule of activities can create an argument. Therefore it is not wrong to tell your partner what you will do that day. That way he will not worry and wait without clarity when you're not around.

4. Notify When You Are Affordable Communication Tools
When there's no news
When there is no news via blu.stb.s-msn.com

Always let it know when your mobile phone is lowbat, can not be reached at the meeting or when you want to travel to a difficult place signal. Raising the possibility of difficulty communicating with previous partner will reduce the level of misunderstanding and quarrels.

5. Understand When He Is Not Contacting You
Waiting for the phone
Waiting for the phone via fc04.deviantart.net

When your partner does not contact you, try to understand from his glasses. After all you already know what activities and possibilities he will face that day right? Try to understand the conditions and difficulties. Placing yourself in his position will make you more receptive to circumstances that do not match your expectations.

6. Be Open When Not Like With Couples
Be honest when you feel something you do not like about your partner. His habit of dandan long, ngaret or way of speech to you. Do not keep the problem. The problem you save will only accumulate and may explode someday.

7. Always Be Honest About Anything
Always honest
If you want a healthy and lasting relationship, honesty is the key. Do not lie and cover the facts of the couple. If he loves you, surely he will not mind accepting the reality of you most bitter though.

8. Build Trust with Couples
Although he is your sweetheart, you can not always be together 24 hours a day, right? You do not have excessive eyes to keep an eye on her all the time. All you can do to stay comfortable with daily activities is to try to trust each other.

Grow and fertilize the belief that even though you are not together you will still try to respect the values ​​that you have mutually agreed upon in the relationship.

How to behave during a fight?
9. Know yourself when angry, do not let your bad habits appear
What do you usually do when you get very angry? For example, you know your spouse is an SMS with an ex-girlfriend again. Slam the door? Screaming while shouting? Or just go straight away? Get to know these things.

You can not control how your partner's angry reaction, but you can manage how you want to vent anger. Recognize your habits when you're in the blood. It is important to avoid destructive attitudes dilampiaskan to your partner. And for you do not leave your partner, this tips for you may be useful.