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What mother means to you?
What my mother means to me you ask? when you take a litten candle through a windy place you ought to have shaded it to protect its flame. To me, my mother is that shade.

If you ever google these words "motherly quotes" the first one that will show is one said by Abraham Lincoln. It was something like "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother". And at lots of occasionS these words came true like thunder comes with the storm.

Let me share one of my experiences. Recently I took a vacation and went to a very beautiful place named Kaptai. I was with many of my friends who tagged along. So they decided to do something fun and go kayaking. I agreed to because I felt a little peer pressure. But I didn't and till now don"t know how to swim.

So, on that kayak, I was with my one of my friends. I was sitting at the back. we were almost in the middle when our kayak suddenly sank before we could even do anything. A sudden heavy current started taking us away from the shore. I luckily was wearing a life jacket and no harm came to me. But when I returned to our things where I left my phone I saw that my mother had called me 17 times. It was like a telepathic connection and she somehow felt I was in danger.

When I came back to my home I heard that when my mother heard about me in danger she almost booked a ticket to come to see if his son was okay. Till now, every obstacle I faced ever in my life she helped me to cope with. When I had no one with me she supported me. along with all the other cliched but unappreciated things mothers do.

To me, she means the world. If I ever have to give my life away for her I would do it without even blinking. It's hard to describe what she means to me in words. But this I can say is, I am what I am because of her.
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Definition of mother...The greatest unconditional and infinite love we will ever experience in our existence.The only love that i really believe in is a mother's love for her children.

Mother love is very important for every one life as this love will never ever get from your father or your girlfriends or your spouse. Getting ready before we leaves our home and making food for us so that our day goes beautiful and we cannot experience the smile on the mother face when we are leaving our home to go for job from any our friends or girlfriend.

The mother love is called the real true love which i have described in the definition as it is uncountable and we cannot return the love for our mother anytime anywhere with anybody.

Mother is one and its love is precious for us because there are lots of motivational emotions to stay in our life is because of mother my mother means a lot for me as if she was not in my life i will be nothing without her and she is my role model to get my life beautiful.

My mother is one of the best mother of the world i will never forget her and if she comes in my next decades they also i am ready to accept him as my mother.

Mother is the emblem of heaven for me that I can see, hug, and I see in this world, The meaning of a mother is very broad, her presence is meaningful and when we are apart then mother is the person we most miss. Even when we were little even more names of mothers than father's name. When we just play continue to go home, then the mother is the first person we ask. When man begins to feel away with his mother it needs to be careful, because it can be a sign of suffering in life.
Mother, like anything she is still the most glorious woman in the world. Any success achieved by the child can not be separated from the role of a mother. But maybe someone asks what kind of mother can deliver the glory of her daughter's son in this life? It seems that not all mothers can perform the functions as mandated by religion. Meaningful mothers are mothers who best educate their children with sincerity and affection. They do not throw caring responsibilities to others, because mothers are the greatest teachers that greatly influence a child's development. Try to read albert einstein's life story, he was once considered a 'stupid kid' by his teacher.
But in the eyes of the mother, she is a great child who has a remarkable talent. Mother einstein then educate him with a pattern of affection to what is done by the mother makes albert einstein has a lasting name until now. A mother has an educational instinct that can not be replaced by any method. This is the secret of a mother, although academically may not be clever, but the love and love they provide can lead the child to reach the peak of life's success. The triumph and success of a generation depends heavily on the important role inherent in the mother's pearl of meaning.
mother is someone very important in my life. Mother is a very meritorious in my life, because without my mother is nothing and can not be like this now. The struggle of a mother is extraordinary from the first to the end of life can not be replaced by anything.

A mother will fight for various ways to raise her children. Although he must be slammed bones, tired and tired of raising and raising you but he is very sincere for the sake of his son.

Mother, your services will always be remembered and I will happy my mother as she happy you from small until now. This collection of poems about the mother is dedicated to mothers around the world because of our mother's blessings to this day. always miss you forever.
For those who have no more mother pray for him who gave birth to you never forget your mother. remember the mother's love for the child.
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YeahFor me the mother is a mother who is willing to sacrifice anything without rewards services and without complaining at all to his son. If his son is hungry, then Mom willingly do not eat. For the sake of the child, the mother was willing to make sacrifices even without a father, but the mother remained tough in the face of any trials. Mothers who have given birth to ourselves, without the presence of our mother would not be born in this world. It's time we are replying to self will all his sacrifice and how to make her happy and do not ever make our mothers cry. Mom, you're so mean in my life ... Mother kaulah terhebatku.. I Love U Mom ...

Nobody is like a mother My mother is the world's most beautiful mother. Sakshat Lakshmi is the form. I live in every breath. My mother knows me more than I do not know myself. My every breath is indebted to her. It is difficult to find a simple and unmotivated creature like a mother on this earth. Just like a wet summer, the summer gives pleasure to the pilgrim in its shade, in the same way my mother keeps giving me coolness in every misfortune. Mother has given us the power of discrimination through which we avoid being drowned in a worldly vortex. Mother goddess of faith awakens love for God in our heart. Selfless, selfless, not expecting anything, whatever is only for the offspring, it is the mother's thinking. Mother's company makes me live every moment alive. Mother's responsibilities never end. When the child is grown on one side, again the mother becomes dedicated to the child of her child.

God has given a great gift to God in the form of a mother. Today some people are not able to handle this precious heritage. Selflessly have forgotten the dignity of the mother. Do not respect her, keep humiliating. Do not want to put together There are many such incidents in the society in which the mothers are humiliated. And we keep watching as a silent spectator. Mother's heart keeps on telegraming. In spite of all this, only one blessing comes out of the mother's heart, "live my red".
There is a very old story that when the daughter-in-law came to the point of persecution, the son cut off the mother's throat and as soon as she got ahead, she collapsed in the stone and started falling, then she came out of the mother's mouth " Mother is such.