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What are the animals that people tend to believe it is harmful but it is actually not?

I would go for cat. This is because in Nigeria, cats are associated with everything bad ranging from voodoo to black magic to witch craft. Movies acted on Nollywood depicts cat as a spiritual animal used by the spiritual beams to torment others. This has ignited a big fear in people in my country such that when they see cat they jump and run and if it is a black cat oh my goodness, they will organise prayers for the Christians or start a spiritual cleansing. They believe humans can transform into a cat and visit someone to cause havoc.

I think all these is superstitious beliefs. Cats are harmless domestic animals. While I was growing up my dad brought a kitten home, he said he found it wondering and decided to help. The cat became a part of the family and I grew so fond of it especially how it runs to say hello whenever I come back from school. It sleeps with me on the bed and I got really attached to it until someone filled my dad's head with some evil thoughts about cats and one day I came back from school and it Is no more.

Cats are lovely animals and good pets.