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WHAT motivates people to publish a book other than monetary rewards?
For fame, acknowledgment, self-fulfillment, publicity for business products, ideological propaganda..........what else?

To help others. To share your message with the world.

I want to write a book, maybe not just yet but very soon enough and my core reason and motivation is to share a very strong and cogent message to the world.

With a book, I can reach out to thousands of people around the world and pass on a principle that would change their entire life.

Other than that, money is also an important reason for writing my book.


A lot of authors today surely started from scratch. But it doesn't mean they only want fame or fortune. I believe many writers had the passion for writing, and getting acknowledged for their passion is a goal to achieve.

Of course, I believe everyone wants to be compensated for the work so getting paid is what we all wanted. Whatever passion do we have either writing books, sports, singing,etc., we want to earn from it.

Now let's go to self-fulfillment. I know some people publish their books because there's a sense of fulfilment from doing so. It shows what they published really comes from the heart.

Publicity for business. Business is also a passion, and you will do everything for it to succeed. Part of it is publishing books. I knew a lot of cryptocurrency lovers out there who wrote their books how to succeed in crypto world.

Ideological propaganda. Many writers today publish books to condition the minds of the public. Someone's behind them and supporting their cause to propagate stories which are often untrue.

Writers have their reasons in publishing books. They have pursuits they want to achieve. For me, I write to express thoughts, and earn from them.


I write my thoughts down because it helps me to keep my mind on track and to not forget ideas that I have had. Eventually, I publish those ideas into ebooks and its mostly for my own benefit, truthfully. By publishing my ideas and sharing them with others, I am able to get feedback on those ideas and get to see the world from a different perspective! We have all been raised in different parts of the world with different backgrounds and different life experiences. By publishing your thoughts, you are able to share your ideas and get feedback at the same time. If it's a popular book and you are able to make sales and validate your ideas, then that's a bonus! 

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I have published some short stories on platforms like amazon.com,smashwords.com,the monetary rewards is not really much presently but i am not bothered about that because the major purpose why i published those short

stories was because i wanted to reach out to alot of people and get them inspired by my stories,my short stories are mostly inspirational and motivational stories,,

i believe that many

people will get inspired when they read some short interesting stories that i have written,another interesting thing is that most of my short stories are not actually fictional,most of them are non-fiction which are inspired my true life stories......

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There are other reasons that motivate people to publish books other than monetary rewards. They are highlighted as follows:

1. To Reachout- Many people publish books because they want to reachout to others with the message embedded in their write

2. Fame - Others publish books for the sake of making a name as an author.

3. People may publish books to secure their ideas for the future.