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How organizations lose clients?
Furthermore, why?


Poor customer care it's actually one of the biggest reasons why organisation loses their clients and their customers. There is a saying that "a customer is always right" however some companies actually loses a lot of clients because the customer care which they have are not forthcoming, caring , to uncomfortable to speak with , and some other time they do not actually provide reliable and very good answers too clients when they actually want to know more about their services. Instead their customer care are always harsh and the display some negative values like impatience and lack of relativity towards clients of the company.


This is also another angle, every client and customer wants to have affordable cost of product and services and also have value for the money they are spending however sometimes in a bid to actually make more profit these companies actually increase the cost of their products in order to make more profit. However this actually chases their clients and customers away as they go on to look for services that can be affordable and also quality as well.


So many established organisations sometimes lose its clients because of poor servicing sometimes it may be intentional or not it is of course very general in business. For example I have eaten in a lot of big restaurants and I have compared the services at the end of the day I am forced to actually choose the best for myself so if for example I have tested four business organisations that actually deals in food and I decided to choose one because of the best services I got that means that the remaining companies will have lost my patronage as a result of their poor services


Two things to me are the factors that really makes any organization loose client.

Firstly, the management of a km organization can make a firm loose it's clients. That is the reason why organizations need experienced managers who have proper knowledge of managing businesses and knows the ethics and numbs that must be considered for an organization to experience growth. When there is a experienced and intellectual manager, the chances of a firm falling is very thin.

Secondly, Another factor that risks the success of a company is the customer service. I have been to a bank (name withheld) and while trying to pay in money, an elderly woman came to cash out and was filling a cheque while she was doing that she mistakenly did not fill a particular space. When she handed the cheque to the cashier, the cashier exclaimed and shouted at the woman telling her 'why haven't you filled this space?' she was even talking to her as if they were mates or as if the woman was her junior. So when I saw this, I asked myself if this customer care agent is treating an elderly woman like this then how then will she treat someone who is not even an elderly person. I cannot lie, right from that day I stopped going to that particular branch of my bank to bank.

Even though the cashier is not a customer care agent, she should be doing everything possible to retain customers in their Banks as that is what makes their bank grow.

This two factors I think are the key factors which make organizations loose clients.


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