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Do you think musing will take over quora ?
That really is the Million [Steem] question right?

The same can be asked of will Steemit/Busy take over Medium.com, Dtube over Youtube, Steepshot over Instagram, etc...

To start, What is the value of Musing over Quora? What is the difference of the model between the 2.

It obvious of course that Quora has the attention and the userbase, whereas Musing is still somewhat niched to the Steem community.

Musing's business model is the benficiary from the users who posts and get upvotes, where Quora's is by ads..

The central philosophy of building apps on top of the Steem Blockchain is so that content creators dont need to rely on ads to fund their work, they are free to advertise as an influencer of write sponsored content, but they do not NEED to do that to survive..

Users go to Quora because much like facebook, everyone who wants to ask or answer questions are on Quora. Though not to take away credit from Quora, they built a very beautiful site and answering questions as a writer is damn addicting.

Quora's edge over Musing is it's speed and tailored content that uses Big Data to keep users entertained with content they like. If i answered a question about Steem, Quora knows that I am also a fan of Bitcoin etc...

Musing will always lose to Quora in terms of how versatile it's database can be and how fast it can load data. Quora after is centralised and centralized database will always be faster than decentralized database.

Not is gloom and doom though, do you rather answer questions for free or get at least 1 cent everytime you do? those cents adds up quick.. When people knows this, Musing will be in for a fun ride...

I think it will take time but it most certainly will.

Why would you answer questions at Quora if you could answer the same question at Musing and get rewarded for doing so. I think once the Quora community hear about Musing it will just be a matter of time.

In March next year there will be Smart Media tokens which will be used individually for the communities. these are backed by Steem so they will hold value. by having their own currency and identity we will see musing take off.

This token will grow each Dapps community and will allow the freedom to attract new users outside of Steemit. The new HF 20 has made it a lot easier to register new users with the account creation. Each Dapp can sign up their own users now.

May be in future its possible but not for now . Because people are just doing here copy paste job . Like the way everything is going , i don't think its good for musing . I hope musing will stop this kind of activities and only gives genuine people reward. Then this platform will look clean and more people will work here for hobby not just because of money earn. Its just my opinion may be i"m wrong.
I see Musing taking over quora in 2 years...
I say 2 years because Quora still has the adoption and user base advantage and musing is just a newcomer in the competition.
Musing is built upon steem blockchain(one of the best in the business), but Quora business model is getting outdated by every passing day.
Moreover Progress of Musing is linked to it's mother platform i.e. Steemit...
I will be putting my money on Musing.io, for the longer run.