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How to grow fast on steemit?
Many people think that content, producing a lot of content that is, will make them grow fast. This is possible, but not necessarily so.

Steemit (app built on steem) has a terrible content discovery algorithm, and producing content does not mean people will find it.

If you are starting out on Steemit, your first focus should be in networking, commenting on other people's blogs, adding value to everyone else's content.

Its the only way you can garnish attention to develop some sort of following. If you wait for people to come to you, it simply won't happen.

The other thing I believe everyone should do is to join a community as soon as possible. it could be Palnet, it could be ADSactly, it almost does not matter, as long as you are willing to put in the work to develop those relationships.

Even the best content creators, the most successful ones understand the power of networking and relationships.

You might even say that 70% of your success is the relationships you build and 30% is the quality of content you can create.

Well apart from creating content there are few other ways that an user can grow in Steemit

  • Be Active in Different Discord servers

As most of the users spend time out their discussing ideas and sharing their views in there

Make yourself visible out there as a result it will give you more visibility in front of other users.

  • Take part in Contests 

While participating in a contest it will allow yourself to show what you are capable of and by doing so you will create attention for yourself in here

While if you win those rewards this really helps as well.

  • Power Up

Whatever you SBD you get use it to power up  so that when a user visits your blog/wallet so that the user may feel that you are thinking of staying here rather than just being here for money and take it out as soon as possible.


* write at least two good posts daily
* comment meaningfully on twenty posts daily
* save your SBD's and power up
* participate in contests
* interact with other users and appreciate their work
* join discord groups that genuinely help new users
Quickest way right now is through "True Social Interaction". People might say that it's all about "High-Quality" but what is quality for if no one is reading your blogs? I say interact first, then after a week or two start writing good quality stuffs since at that time you'll have now visibility on the platform
maybe you should follow this way so we can grow in steemit Steemians are required to be a diligent person trying. Steemians who are not diligent posting and commenting will not rise to a good level, and by itself are not strategic enough to get paid.
Steemians are required to be creative and innovative. Steemians who are static, lazy to move, do not read, lack of association, and others will not produce posts that interest reading so that will not be in follow, vote, and reestim.
Steemians are required to be honest and self-reliant. Steemians who memposring text, images, video belongs to others but do not mention the source will be in remove. Credibility as a steemian will be broken.
Steemians are required to be a worldwide person. Steemians who develop localistic behavior, let alone bring SARA sentiment will not grow into a worldwide steemian. Localistic distinctions should be unique rather than provocative.
Steemians are required to be an interactive person. Steemians who do not like to communicate, be alone, and stay away from the community will not get the latest information faster.
Steemians are required to be diplomatic. Self-protecting Steemians who isolate steemit from new people will not make Steemit grow into a big house for everyone.
Steemians are required to be educated and happy to share their knowledge. Steemian who does not want to educate a steemian candidate will only make Steemit a stagnant social media.
Steemians are required to be personal appreciative. A good and attractive Steemian is a steemian who spreads good thoughts and views, motivates, offers change, not thoughts and views that address issues and obstacles.
Steemians are required to be personal learners. Steemian who feels she is smart and does not want to learn just will become a person who is not developed and developed. Good stemians are complementary to one another.
Steemians are required to be a person who loves hard work, smart work, and cooperation. The resigned Steemian, not sharpening the intelligence, and ignoring the cooperation will eventually break away as the Steemian ,,, with us following that way I am sure we will all progress in steemit
make sure the post you post on the steemit interesting so it will be seen and the vote by people whose level is high and low for example, tutorials, food recipes, tourist attractions or tips.

the use of steemit in the language can affect the success of steemit we use the correct language as in the first paragraph you guys greet the stemians with your own language like youtuber and sempatkan write a funny in the middle of the post and at the end of your post is also a good cover for someone interested they to vote have you guys.
Based on my experience, i have some tips to growth fast on steemit.
First, i need a commitment. What ever happen, i should believe, that someday i will be success.
Second, make a good post, at least one post a day.
Third, always give a comment to another one post, this is to make a good correlation between another author.
So when we make a post, they will do the same things to us. Thats the point.
I try to answer this question based on my observations and some experiences of my friends who have been successful in steemit. There are several things you can do to make your success fast in steemit, including: first make a good post. Posts that make people interesting to read it, and also provide upvotenya. For this you need to improve your ability to write and understand the content of the content you write. So learn it well.

The two things you can do is build a network or enter a network that already exists. Build communication within the community, so they support you. This will affect the upvote you will get.

Third, upgrade your skills in one particular area. Write good and interesting content. This will be your chance to be employed by the existing blockchain. Lastly by issuing initial capital to buy SP.
The fastest and the easy way to earn more money in steemit is either you give your whole day to steemit or else buy some steem power so that it can boost your profile and give payment to bots like minnowbooster or some other you use....
We need to take some time to participate in delivering our work by posting quality Content in steemit.
We also need to spend some time on this platform to comment on posts that interest us, with this being able to build our SP balance gradually.
We must consistently make posts at least one day one post, and can be up to 4 posts a day, even if the steemit is not in the border. 1 to 3 postings is the best, the goal of posting in 1 day 1-3 times can ensure that the three posts were put together well.
Maintaining the quality of posts is also very influential in achieving success in steemit. So little opinion from me.
a quick way to grow in steemit is how we make posts in steemit and search for lots of friends. we make a post in steemit do not ever expect rewards because here we are promoting our work to outsiders.
Steemit is not some fly-by-night Ponzi scheme. Steemit is about building a community of high-quality people and financing the production of the highest quality content.

Steemit requires no initial investment in order to participate. It’s free to use and you’re not spending your own money when you upvote content you like.

Steemit is just the first minimum viable product on Steem, a blockchain-based social economy. The Steem developers have bootstrapped an entire economy, complete with its own crypto-currencies. Steem is peer-to-peer, decentralized, uncensorable and therefore unstoppable.

So it’s a good idea for you get started with Steemit — and Steem — now.

Make friends with whales, orcas, and dolphins. If you can get them to vote you then you have it made in the shade. Otherwise you are going to have post after post paying out at 3 cents if you are lucky.