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Which is best day for meditation in India?

Do you think for meditation there is a good day or bad day? Meditation is such a thing that it does not need any particular day to start with or practice it, but if you are asking which time of the day then definitely this question has significance.

Meditation is the road to make an inward journey, a soulful journey and this journey gets perfect by continuous practice and you can make your meditation better if you choose the perfect time of the day. The perfect time is the early morning. May be 3:30 Am to 6:30, it is the best time I believe. It is the time when you have the calmness of the entire world, less noise, a perfect atmosphere to practice meditation and you can actualize meditation in a true sense

You can also do meditation at other time of the day, but in early morning you can maximize the result of meditation.

There is no particular date for meditation. And also it is not necessary that people have to be in India to experience the fruit from meditation. Though it is true that there are so many suitable places available for mediation in India, there are also quite similar places all over the world. Good place and a calm mind is very important for meditation.

Good place:

Choosing a good place to meditate is very important. Not all the places will be suitable for meditation. It can be quite difficult to concentrate in a noisy place when the noise is not so pleasant to the ears. Choosing a calm place will help in reaching the meditation state. There are also noisy places like beach, waterfalls, riverbed etc, however they are soothing for the ear and suitable for meditation. Usually natural places are more comfortable compared to that of other places.

Calm MInd:

Calm mind is not a mandatory requirement because it is difficult to always have a calm mind. Calm mind is an outcome of meditation so it is not expected to have it before hand. However if a person can manage to have calm mind before doing meditation, reaching meditation state can be very easy.

If we check advanced aspects of meditation, day also plays a vital role. According to astrology, there are some best days in the year that can be completely suitable for divinity and meditation. But it is not quite straight forward to decide the best day for meditation. There are lots of parameters to be checked before arriving at a best day for meditation.
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Scientifically speaking, it is one of the best days in the year to get in an intense meditation session.
Mahashivratri is the time of the year when the Earth's centrifugal force (outward pushing force) is at its peak. As the Earth rotates on this day, it is pushing your physical (and spiritual) body towards the outward direction.
The physical effect is a slightly increased blood flow towards your brain, throughout the day.
The spiritual effect is an increased perception.
Here are your options :-
1. Use a meditation app like Calm or Headspace. (I'm personally not a fan)
2. Vocal AUM chanting (or as people wrongly call it - OM chanting) for 20 mins - one of the purest and strongest forms of meditation.
3. Transcendental Meditation - 20 mins of chanting any short mantra within your mind. Any short prayer that you can chant in one single breath. It doesn't even necessarily have to be a prayer. It can just be a 2 syllable word - "Hope" , "Nature" , "Happy.
But if you want to chant a Shiv specific mantra, these are your options for the day - "Aum namo shivaay" "Shi-Va"
While doing TM, make sure you don't move your tongue while thinking of the mantra. You don't have to pronounce it perfectly, you just have to have the 'idea' of the mantra in your mind. Ideally do this on an empty stomach.

Remember, it's not about emptying your mind or thinking about anything in particular. It's about getting your physical body to meditate for 20 minutes.
Good luck!