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How you can you explain benefit of musing.io?

I see musing as a fun and better version of steemit because it does what steemit does which is to reward its users for their contributions to the community.

But the difference is that musing has greater reward for less effort. I will list some points below for better understanding.

1. Musing is less time consuming as it is all about asking and answering questions.

2. There is no need to canvas for upvote as you are rewarded directly by musing if your answer/question is found beneficial.

3. The upvote you get is not based on your popularity or status but it is based on the value of your contribution.

With these few points I hope you can see some of the benefits that musing.io offers.


Musing offers two major types of benefits in my opinion - intrinsic benefits and derived benefits.

Intrinsic benefits are benefits gotten from the value that the platform creates, being a question and answer platform that rewards users for participation. Some times, the questions here are based on real life issues of significance or a thirst for knowledge, and musing enables us fill the gap.

Secondly we derive benefits from being active participants through the reward system. The more we engage and provide useful contributions, the more we are rewarded. Either way you look at it, everyone has something to benefit by using the platform.


Musing is an awesome question answer platform that built on top of Steem blockchain. Anyone can ask and answer question. It is open to all Steemians.

When someone joins Steemit, in case she/he does not know how to create content, Musing is the perfect place to get started. She/he can visit Musing and answer question. You don't have to create something, just answer the question. That's it.

If new Steemian is good at creating content, honestly speaking, it is difficult to get attention on Steemit. I know my struggle on Steemit. A new Steemian can easily show her/his skills and answer questions here on Steemit. And you can get big upvote from Musing itself. It is the big advantage of a new Steemian. I wish we had Musing when I joined Steemit. Then I would do much better what I do today.

We all usually have question and sometimes we do not find the exact answer. You can ask your question on Musing. You will get answer from real people who have experience and expertise. Frankly speaking, when I have any question, Musing comes first to my mind.

I don't know any other platform where you can be rewarded for asking question. The biggest reward of a question is to get the answer. The good  thing is, you can even get upvote on your question on Musing. 

Musing is a great platform that benefits every Steemians whether you are a new Steemian or experienced Steemian.


Some of the things musing has that are considered benefits in my point of view is the ability to ask random but also at the same time useful questions in a somewhat anonymous manner as our profile doesn't reveal too much about our real selves. There are lots of knowledge and ideas to be gained in such a community. I have maybe written more than ten k of words so far since I joined musing a few months ago. It really challenges our brain to think of the different ways to answer questions that we would not have thought of.

The other thing is that it is somewhat like a mining machine. It also trains us to have patience in doing things as it really requires alot of no earnings to maybe eventually get something some day. The other thing I like is the leveling up system and the no government body intervention in this system so we can be free to write anything we want.

One day, platforms like this will play an important role in our society and i am sure crypto and blockchain are going to be part of an important society. I like musing too as usually on many social media sites everyone is there to get likes and use peculiar ways to earn the cash and attention.


Well there are few in my point of view

Users who are not aware of the things they can easily ask questions without any fear or any insult. So they are getting freedom and they are getting the answer that they seek.

The users who are giving the answers they are sharing their ideas/knowledge with each other allowing not only the user who have asked the question but to all who will go through the question and answer. 

Here only the knowledge matters not the Reputation Score that is what I personally like about Musing.

Last but not the least as it is in Steem Blockchain so every Upvote that the curation team gives to the user really allows a user to grow in Steem Blockchain and allows that user to get go ahead in their Steem Journey.

Apart from all the above points I really enjoy my time over in here, that is the real thing that brings me here again and again.