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Why you believe in steemit?


Not to be technical here, but I actually don't believe in either instance of Steemit—the app or the company. But I do believe in STEEM—the cryptocurrency, the blockchain and the platform.


STEEM as a cryptocurrency provides investors/stakeholders a unique opportunity to actually earn and use STEEM on the platform. Yes, most of the dealings as far as rewards go are in STEEM Power, but users are free to buy and sell things privately or through a business in STEEM as well as STEEM backed dollars (SBD). At the moment, what's available commercially on STEEM or off may be limited, but STEEM is still very young—2.5 years old—and far from any kind of mass adoption, let alone market awareness, like Bitcoin or even Ethereum.

And yet, in my mind, STEEM has the greater potential of use, since the blockchain and platform are designed for that. The foundation is in place, and the rest is coming.


While no longer the newest, the STEEM blockchain is among the fastest in its transaction capabilities (3 seconds), is free to transact on and to open an account, and it has been modified to take on many more users and thus transactions into the future. More so than any other older blockchain, and rivaling those that are currently launching, with the added advantage of already having hundreds of thousands of transactions occurring on it on a daily basis.

Steemit Inc. has been doing a good job of looking at the future and realizing that there are upgrades that must take place now in order for scalability and sustainability to be achieved and maintained.


STEEM started out as a social media/blogging platform resembling Reddit, but has quickly taken on other dApps which are essentially clones of existing social media platforms, with the exception that all are tied to STEEM, thus allowing users to earn through some form of posting, commenting and curating.

However, there are already other businesses that aren't tied into the social side of STEEM popping up, with one of the latest being dStor, which will offer users and opportunity to sell products and services through customized stores, while also offering opportunities for rewards through curation and other activities.

Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) will give even more businesses the opportunity to connect to STEEM, as well as given existing dApps the option of creating their own. Add the long awaited Communities UI design that CEO Ned Scott is currently heading up a new company to create some version of, and there is an amazing amount of things to be bullish on STEEM about.


These three reasons, STEEM as a cryptocurrency, one that is backed by a reasonably stable SBD pegged to $1 STEEM, a fast blockchain capable of meeting future demands, and a platform that is already seeing different transactions crossing it daily, more than on any other blockchain, give me more than enough reasons to believe in STEEM. I don't always agree with what happens on STEEM, but I can't say I'm in agreement with a lot that goes on off chain, either.

It is my hope that more people will come to recognize the value of STEEM in the coming months and years, so that the belief in STEEM will be rewarded with not only higher STEEM prices, but the global freedom and better quality of life STEEM is meant to inspire and create.


I am all in with Steemit because I believe in its potential. To be honest, I have never joined other cryptoblogging site emerged from the idea of Steemit as a social media blogging platform that rewards users for participating in the network. 

The reason behind that is that aside from being an established crypto, Steem is in a direction where people would want it. From a social blogging site, to an "Application Specific" token that allows individuals, companies, corporation, and entrepreneurs to create their own tokens in monetizing their businesses/services. Steemit is only one of the decentralized applications of Steem, as a currency and is fundamental to the growth of Steem.

With the launch of SMTs, Steemit will become a massive platform for variety of individuals and groups. I'm wishing the platform all of the best this March 2019.

Another reason why I'm an all time Steemian now is because of the current Hardfork20. Massive accounts are created everyday because of the new Account Creation System. May it be instantly or created via discounted accounts, it helped so much the entire ecosystem to attract a lot of visitors.

Decentralized Applications (dApps) are paving their way to reward a pool of users. DApps that hopes to reward users for participating and contributing contents are a great avenue to be rewarded. One example of that is Musing.

The team working behind Steemit Inc. is a more mature team now. I can see it based on how they communicate the people and how they react to the criticisms put into them. 

On another note, I love what @ned is doing. Some of the people's opinion that he failed to communicate properly in the platform which resulted to distrust from some of the investors but now he's doing a great job on it. I'm happy how the platform is heading into the right direction.

Steem will be huge. Its actually huge now. What we're waiting is the price! The price that will skyrocket those users who put so much effort in increasing their influence in the platform.

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I believe in steemit because I have to believe in it, and is that currently steemit and the different dApps and communities that make life within its platform are mainly my main source of income.

However, beyond that I believe in the concept that has been raised and developed, because as someone told me when I just started to write "You do not think you deserve any reward for publishing and sharing any interesting content" and certainly was right because many of us were used to using other platforms that only took advantage of our information and the things we published, while with steemit basically we have become true owners of our content.

I also believe that the concept behind the different interactions behind steemit is highly optimized, allowing those who are more creative and have a better gift for writing to be eventually recommended for something that perhaps without steemit they would never receive at all.

However beyond all the virtues I believe that there are still things that need to be adjusted, but like any platform will eventually be optimized and allow steemit to become the next great social network.


Obvious: you can express yourself and be tipped for your opinion's value, building communities together.

Freedom: there is no true censorship, because even if flagging exists, your posts won't get deleted and your account won't be banned.

Specs: the blockchain is truly fast and maleable, making it the perfect platform to build upon, wether it is a brand, engagement or producing dapps.

Love: a lot of regular members are actively making efforts to help users, directly impact communities' policies and combat any sort of abuse, simply because they care, something enabled by our stakes unique to this blockchain.


I believe in steemit because its decentralization and Uniqueness. STEEMIT was the first platform who started to give rewards to authors. Before its launching, no one was rewarding authors except FREELANCING Websites. The unique concept of STEEMIT makes to get value in no time. Now it is the biggest platform. Everyone is following the same concept. I have never seen such a great rewarding social media platform. 

No need to buy Domain and Hosting. You are free to use this platform by only creating an account for free. It costs nothing but give you valuable return for your time and content quality. 

Fastest STEEM transactions: STEEM only takes 3 minutes to transfer and withdraw. This is the biggest advantage of this blockchain that's why it spread quickly. No coin is fast like Steem/SBD. Its cool

SMT: Smart Media Tokens is a way to give many new developers advantage to make a free dApp based on steem blockhain while this project is under development but soon it will boost up the coin worth in the market. Every STEEMIAN has a strong faith in SMT. 


I believe in the whole concept. The idea of earning rewards socializing with other users is addictive and not many people know about it.

I have only been on here since March and the development and changes that I have experienced are phenomenal. It is great to be part of something that is developing whilst you are learning.

This is a site in testing still gearing for mass adoption. It may not happen for a while but it will happen. Very few people know what we know and that is great for all of us. The people I have told had no clue about Steemit and don't really understand the concept.

Once SMT's hit in March it will slowly start being heard about and within the next two to three years we will see a huge change in numbers of users and the price of Steem.

When the Steem price dropped a large percentage of users left. When the price bounces back they will return plus more new people. The beauty about that is most of us will be bigger and established already.

I honestly believe within 5 years there will be loads of millionaires on Steem.


You mean Steem? The blockchain and the cryptocurrency?

It believe in the Steem platform because of its openness and its versatility as content delivery/rewarding platform. It's an entire ecosystem that grows organically. I used to be sceptical about Steemit Inc's ability to develop the blockchain infrastructure. Now I'm hopeful that they can pull off putting the necessary pieces together for the apps to take the lead. 


  Steemit is the well social media blogging platform rather than other websites. I do believe because we earn here crypto currency that has the value much more on the market. Whenever the market is gonna stable we all of getting the chance to sell and buy more crypto. And I believed that thousands of people have many hopes with steemit and they are using because they trust on steem. Just one thing is to believe can attract to one thing that you has a lot of hopes.

I personally do believe on steemit because I have withdrawn some money in the last December and I hope in the next December or January we all of the getting profit in cryptocurrency. I wish you a good luck for all of you. Just need to stay positive and interact with people to each other for maintaining and making successful this platform. This platform has much importance in everyone's life they engaged with this platform.

Online working website is one of great option in everyone's life. Because this way is simple for peoples they don't get another job in life they simply do at home. Steemit is the best option for interested peoples.